A hundred organizations call for demonstrations on September 23 against “police violence”

Around a hundred associations, unions and parties including La France insoumise reiterated on Wednesday their call to demonstrate on September 23 against “police violence” and “systemic racism”, after the death of Nahel on June 27 in Nanterre.

“An unprecedented alliance,” considered LFI MP Aurélie Trouvé during a press conference organized in Paris. The elected official said she wanted a “total overhaul of the police and ambitious public investment plans in all working-class neighborhoods”.

Among the organizations supporting this “unitary march”, collectives from working-class neighborhoods, victims of police violence, NGOs such as Attac, Friends of the Earth, left-wing parties such as LFI and ELLV as well as the CGT, FSU and Solidarity.

“An unprecedented responsibility”

“This is the first date (of gathering) after the revolt of the popular neighborhoods, we have an unprecedented responsibility,” added Pauline Salingue, spokesperson for the NPA, referring to the riots following the death of Nahel, a young 17-year-old killed by a police officer during a road check on June 27 in Nanterre.

“Racist and homophobic violence must be fought with the greatest firmness,” proclaimed Adel Amara, municipal elected official in Val-de-Marne.

In a joint press release, the organizations denounce “a regressive policy which plays into the hands of the extreme right and increasingly tramples on our public freedoms, our social model, our future in the face of ecological collapse”.

In Paris, the demonstration will leave around 2:30 p.m. from Gare du Nord and end at Bastille. Other “unitary marches” will be organized on the same day in around fifty cities in France.

This article is originally published on fr.news.yahoo.com


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