Academia Christiana’s Peaceful Conclusion in Maine-et-Loire

The summer school of the far-right Catholic movement Academia Christiana took place discreetly behind closed doors from Monday August 14 to Sunday August 20, 2023 in the Bois Robert boarding school in Bécon-les-Granits (Maine-et-Loire). ).

In the end, despite concerns, no anti-fascist demonstrations took place. “No incident to report”, thus indicated the prefecture, quoted by France 3 Pays de la Loire.

“Very present” gendarmes

From mid-July, anonymous leaflets had been dropped in the mailboxes of the inhabitants of this small rural town to announce the organization of this summer school for the second year in a row. The information had worried some residents.

The mayor, Marie-Ange Fouchereau, aware of the sulphurous potential of this meeting bringing together in particular several people on file S, had then contacted the gendarmerie. A device had finally been put in place by the prefecture. “The gendarmes were very present in the town,” confirmed the city councilor.

A reaction from the anti-fascists of Angers

If there were no protest demonstrations or clashes, the Angevin anti-fascist network reacted to the communication videos of the event. On the latter appeared in particular a former member of the Alvarium, a movement dissolved in 2021, sentenced to three months in prison suspended following violence committed on June 30 against people who demonstrated after the death of Nahel.

In an audio recording attributed to this man and broadcast by the Angevin anti-fascist network, the individual would have had fun to have emerged free from the court, speaking of an act of defense.

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