Albi Court Rally Against Far Right – Sept 26 Ban

By way of a press release and a decree, the prefect of Tarn, François-Xavier Lauch, informed that he had banned “any demonstration in connection with the hearing which concerns three members of the Patria Albiges de facto group in Albi, this Tuesday September 26”. Trade union organizations (UD CGT, F.S.U.81, Solidaires Tarn) and the LFI deputy for the 2nd constituency of Tarn, Karen Erodi, had launched calls, Monday September 25, for a rally in front of the Albi judicial court to demonstrate against the extreme right, as part of this criminal hearing which is due to take place this afternoon. The three defendants, including the son of RN deputy Frédéric Cabrolier, will have to answer, among other things, for “public provocation to hatred or violence because of origin, ethnicity, nation, race or religion” . The facts with which they are accused date back to June 10, when posters were posted on the gates of the Rochegude and Castelnau municipal parks, in Albi, mentioning: “Park closed – reason for closure: high risk of being stabbed – let’s protect our immigrant families”. Markers had also been placed to prohibit access to these parks. The action was claimed by Patria Albigès in the context of the knife attack in Annecy, which occurred two days earlier, which saw a man attack a group of children in a small playground. ‘a park.

Interim release brought before the administrative court

According to our information, MP Karen Erodi, who is calling for the dissolution of Patria Albigès, has filed a freedom order before the Toulouse administrative court against the ban on today’s gathering in front of the Albigès court between 12 p.m. and 7 p.m., hoping that it is examined on time. For its part, state services justified their decision “because of the risk of disturbing public order”. They also note, “that on several occasions, gatherings of opponents and supporters of this de facto group have caused physical violence. In addition, other undeclared calls for demonstrations were brought to the attention of the prefecture.” François-Xavier Lauch recalled “the most perfect mobilization of the State in monitoring the Patria Albigès de facto group”. As for the procedure for dissolving the small group requested, the Prefect recalls “that it meets precise rules and that the file is still being studied within his services”.

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