Among Palestinians in Israel, the scourge of organized crime

Since the beginning of the year, 157 members of the Arab minority in the Jewish state have been killed in settling scores. A violence that thrives on the disinterest of the public authorities for this community.

Ammar and Omar, two young brothers, wake up early this Thursday in January 2022 and will jump on the bed of their father, Mohammed Hujairat, to wake him up. He cannot blame his two adored children, especially Ammar, his first son after seventeen years of marriage with his wife, Aïcha, who had previously given him four daughters. The vast house exudes calm and the large village, Bir Al-Maksur, the tranquility of winter mornings. Here live the heirs of those who escaped the Nakba, the forced exodus of 700,000 Palestinians in 1948 – half the population of historic Palestine. Today, two million Palestinians live within Israel’s internationally recognized borders.

Father and son finally get up. Mohammed, a construction worker, has to leave for work. Ammar is disappointed. “I’m mad at you,” he protests. “Those were the last words he spoke to me,” recalls Mohammed Hujairat. He is leaving. The child’s aunt takes him with his cousins to a park. Ammar consoles himself. In a video sent to his father, he said, “Dad, I love you. About ten seconds later, he was killed by a stray bullet. A shooter had come to strafe a dump truck, on the site above, as part of an argument between contractors, against a background of theft of materials.

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