An investigation opened after death threats against Jean-Luc Mélenchon

“Anti-Semite, you will end up like Hamas.” According to information from Libération, the Paris prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation into malicious telephone calls and death threats against Jean-Luc Mélenchon. The rebel, under fire for his reaction after the Hamas attack in Israel, filed a complaint on Saturday October 14 after his telephone number was published on a far-right site. According to information consulted by Libération, the presidential candidate received dozens of calls and threatening messages. “The French Jews will take care of you”, “a road accident can quickly happen to anyone”, “I will personally come and take care of your little left-wing Islamist slut’s ass”, we can read in particular.

The site in question claims to have recently reopened after a first period of activity from 2015 to 2018. This platform with racist and filthy content was, at the time, monitored by the intelligence services, because it increased calls for murder against various public figures – as she does again today. Libération has chosen not to communicate his name, after noting that the postal and telephone details of Jean-Luc Mélenchon are still accessible there, obviously extracted from the file of a public administration.

“Commentators call for a walk in the neighborhood”

Since the start of the war between Israel and Hamas on October 7, the reaction of the rebels has been criticized from all sides, going so far as to cause the New Ecological and Social Popular Union to falter. The socialists, in particular, criticize him for having taken too long to clearly condemn and for refusing to qualify the organization as “terrorist”. A legal subtlety, justifies Mélenchon, who wrongly asserts that this qualification would exempt it from international law. For his most virulent critics, this position, added to past statements considered controversial, would demonstrate the anti-Semitism of the rebel, an accusation which he strongly defends.

This is not the first time that Jean-Luc Mélenchon has been the target of threats. In September, for example, he was arrested in the street near his home by far-right police unionist Bruno Attal. This former Reconquest candidate for the legislative elections then broadcast a video of the exchange, since deleted, in which he criticized Mélenchon for his comments on police violence. Calm throughout the sequence, the rebel then sent a message to his loved ones explaining: “He stuck his phone flush to my face to film. It was an uncomfortable posture, very intrusive and therefore aggressive. I thought he was looking for a violent reaction and that put me on alert. I could have snatched his phone from his hands. Or give him one of those blows that I was taught for this type of case […] I thought we should go home alone.”

In the same message, consulted by Libé, the rebel warned of the fact that the video gave rise to “interpretation of my supposed address”. “Commentators are calling for a walk around the neighborhood. After the judgment of two plots to kill me, after the “Papacito” video which the Paris prosecutor decided was “parody”, after complaints without follow-up including when the attacker signed his death threats against I know the limits of what I can hope for in terms of protection in Macronist France.”

The presidential candidate was thus referring to the death threats he received from a small far-right group during the 2017 legislative campaign or to the video by far-right YouTuber Papacito broadcast in 2021, in which, gun in hand, he shot a mannequin bearing the likeness of Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

“Phone raid with absolutely constant calls”

Beyond the left leader, several rebels have been targeted by threats in recent years. “At least fifteen parliamentarians are directly threatened with death,” said group president Mathilde Panot on Tuesday, in the midst of a crisis over the LFI’s position on Hamas. We have three of our own who are under phone raid with absolutely constant calls. We are waiting for the public authorities to take stock of what is happening,” she said at a press conference. Already in June, the rebellious group leader said in Libé: “I’m afraid of having a deputy assassinated.” She then accused the government of “putting a target on their backs” through their political attacks.

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