Annecy Far-Right Rally Organizer Sentenced for Undeclared Event

On May 16, 2023, around forty people claiming to be from the extreme right marched in the streets of downtown Annecy. This Friday, September 22, the Annecy court convicted the organizer of this gathering for “failure to declare a demonstration”.

The facts date back to May 16. Around 10 p.m., several dozen ultra-right activists marched in the streets of downtown Annecy. Among the forty people present that evening, some carry torches, others are hooded and sing songs “blue, white, red, France to the French”. No incident has been reported but a video of the gathering relayed on social networks provokes the indignation and anger of many elected officials, from the mayor of Annecy to the leader of La France insoumise (LFI). The prefect of Haute-Savoie took legal action on May 18 and condemned, in a press release, “the organization of a nighttime parade bringing together far-right participants on the public highway, organized in secret and without prior declaration” .

Fine of 1,500 euros

Identified by the police on the very evening of the parade, the organizer of this gathering appeared this Friday, September 22 before the Annecy criminal court. Aged 28, Pierre T. was prosecuted for organizing a demonstration on the public highway without declaration. On the stand, the young man admitted the facts. He explained that he had not declared this gathering in order to avoid “gatherings of adverse elements” and “to avoid riots”. He also recalled that the parade took place peacefully. “They say that the far right is violent and hateful. That evening we proved the opposite,” he also declared in court.
“Avoiding disturbances to public order is precisely the aim of a declaration,” insisted the deputy prosecutor in charge of the case. “He was aware of the offense and he voluntarily violated the law,” continued Fouad Mssais. Finally found guilty, the defendant was sentenced to a fine of 1,500 euros, a ban on demonstrating for 6 months and a ban on possessing a weapon for two years.

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