Annecy’s Condemnation of Far-Right Night Parade

ILLEGAL A far-right sympathizer was fined on Friday by the Annecy court for organizing an undeclared demonstration

A 28-year-old man was fined on Friday by the Annecy court (Haute-Savoie) for having organized an undeclared demonstration on the evening of May 16 in the city. The far-right sympathizer, who had called for a “tribute to our French dead”, admitted the facts, explaining that he had not declared the gathering to “avoid any gathering of adverse elements”.

40 people gathered during the demonstration

Considering that he had “deliberately violated the law”, the Annecy court sentenced him to a fine of 1,500 euros, accompanied by a ban on participating in a demonstration on the public highway for six months and on possessing a weapon. for two years. On the evening of May 16, a group of individuals close to the far-right movement, dressed in dark clothes, marched in the city center of Annecy with French and Savoyard flags and torches.

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