Balancing Dignity: Aurore Bergé’s Response To Annecy Attack

Accused of political recovery after the knife attack in Annecy, the president of the Renaissance group in the National Assembly admits “a clumsiness”, while placing the extremes back-to-back.

The Annecy knife attack had repercussions as far as the National Assembly. Accused of political recovery, the president of the Renaissance group in the National Assembly Aurore Bergé defended herself, arguing a “clumsiness”, this Sunday, at the microphone of France Inter.

Thursday, June 8, in Annecy, a legal refugee man seriously injured six people with a knife, including four children. At the same time, in the National Assembly, the deputies were discussing the Liot bill, aimed at repealing the postponement of the legal retirement age from 62 to 64 years old. During an interruption of the session, Aurore Bergé then declared to the press: “Being in the hemicycle at the moment on a battle of rag pickers on the admissibility of amendments seems to us to be out of step when children are in a state of absolute urgency and terror overwhelms our country. »

“I honestly didn’t feel like I was politicizing at all”

Accusations of “instrumentalization” immediately multiplied from the opposition. MNA Renaissance thus took advantage of being the guest of Political Questions this Sunday to explain herself: “I honestly did not at all have the impression of politicizing: I was not saying that there was a side them and on the other us. “And to continue:” We were all humanly overwhelmed by a wave of dread, and we found ourselves again in this overheated, hysterical hemicycle, and we felt out of step. I felt like I couldn’t say anything more than that. »

The Yvelines deputy thus recognized “a clumsiness”, before sharply criticizing her political opponents: “On the other hand, I will not take lessons in decency and dignity either, nor from the far right, which immediately wanted to go on a polemical ground of obvious recuperation of what was happening in Annecy; nor from the far left.

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