BardeIla: Lampedusa’s Immigration Policy Impact on Europe

The president of the National Rally was the guest of “BFM Politique” this Sunday. He notably returned to the situation on the small Italian island of Lampedusa, where 8,500 people arrived in just three days.
“For Mr. Macron, immigration is not a problem, it is a project. I do not want France or Europe to disappear.” Guest of “BFM Politique” this Sunday, the president of the National Rally and head of the European list Jordan Bardella spoke about the situation in Lampedusa. On this small Italian island, 8,500 people arrived in just three days earlier this month, testing the solidarity of the European Union.

“What is happening in Lampedusa (…) will tomorrow be the future of Europe if we do not take control of our immigration policy,” assured the MEP.

Asked about the fact that immigration has increased since the historic victory of Giorgia Meloni’s far-right party a year ago, Jordan Bardella said he was “not his lawyer”.

“There are countries in Europe that control their immigration, like Mr. Orban’s Hungary,” continued the elected official, who demanded from Emmanuel Macron “the organization of a referendum on immigration on election day European Union, June 6, 2024.

While the immigration bill, repeatedly postponed, must soon be discussed, Jordan Bardella calls for “making France impossible for illegal immigration”. “France has become a social window for the whole world. We must eliminate free care offered to illegal immigrants, land rights, organize the treatment of asylums in embassies,” he declared.

The Pope “does not think of the peoples of Europe”

A speech which comes the day after the departure of Pope Francis from Marseille, after a two-day visit marked by migration issues, the sovereign pontiff calling for solidarity. A position that Jordan Bardella refutes, affirming that the pope “does not think of the people of Europe who suffer the consequences of immigration”.

“He chooses to have a political speech but my role is to remind him that when we call for massive immigration, when we call for the unconditional and unlimited opening of all of our borders, so we bear responsibility for the belief and the Eldorado that these people from the continent have for themselves,” he insisted.

Saying he is “a non-believer but respects those who have faith”, Jordan Bardella said about Francis preferring “the wisdom of his predecessor Benedict XVI who declared that States have the right to regulate migratory flows”.

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