Bordeaux Assault: Elderly Woman And Granddaughter Targeted

A septuagenarian and her granddaughter were victims of an attack “of rare violence” in Bordeaux on Monday, the prefect of New Aquitaine and Gironde said on Twitter, adding that a suspect has been placed in custody.

The facts took place “at the end of the afternoon” in the capital of the New Aquitaine region, “cours de la Martinique”, at the home of the 73-year-old person accompanied by his “granddaughter” , a minor child “under the age of 15”, indicated the prefect.

The septuagenarian was hospitalized but “her vital prognosis is not engaged”, specifies the same source.

“The video exploitation by the police and the statements of a witness allowed a very rapid arrest and the detention of a suspect”, indicated the prefect, who “denounces this intolerable act and hope that all the light will be shed as soon as possible”.

From a police source, “the respondent is French, born in France (in Bordeaux) in 1993”. “He is very unfavorably known to the police, with about twenty mentions of his treatment of criminal records”.

In a video broadcast Monday evening on the Twitter account of the former mayor of Bordeaux Nicolas Florian and which AFP could not verify, a man rushes through the door of a building in broad daylight and then pulls out of it. force an elderly woman and a child, throwing them violently to the ground on the sidewalk, before leaving the scene.

“Unbearable images of the aggression of a grandmother and her granddaughter (…) I send them all my support”, declared, in his publication, the former elected representative of Bordeaux, calling “for the most great severity in the penal response”.

Several far-right officials were also quick to react to the video.

“What a horror. Bordeaux today. This is what they have done to our country. French, wake up,” tweeted Eric Zemmour.

“Another attack in #Bordeaux! Mr. @GDarmanin, when are you going to open your eyes to the savagery that plagues our society?”, declared on the same social network the deputy Rassemblement national de Gironde Edwige Diaz.

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