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Profile: Boston Consulting Group

1- Name of NGO:

Boston Consulting Group

2- Brief & Mission:

The Boston Consulting Group, Inc., established in 1963 and based in Boston, Massachusetts, is a prominent American worldwide management consulting enterprise. It stands among the Big Three firms, alongside McKinsey & Company and Bain & Company. BCG functions as a global consulting entity, collaborating with industry and societal leaders to confront their significant challenges.

Recent revelations indicate that the Boston Consulting Group has maintained a tight connection while actively participating in pivotal capacities during Prince Mohammed’s efforts to centralize authority. In addition to conventional consultancy tasks involving economic counsel and enhancing Prince Mohammed’s reputation, the firm has also engaged in more unique and unconventional assignments.

3- Bias, Agenda & Motivation:

Seated within one of his offices, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia has a document from the Boston Consulting Group discreetly placed amidst the stack of papers before him. This organization additionally offers guidance to Prince Mohammed’s foundation. Even prior to Prince Mohammed’s ascension through the royal ranks, the Boston Consulting Group fostered connections with him. Through the efforts of Joerg Hildebrandt, BCG’s senior executive in the Middle East, a rapport with Prince Mohammed has been carefully nurtured in recent years. Notably, the firm has amassed substantial revenue, totaling hundreds of millions of dollars, from various projects undertaken in Saudi Arabia.

4- Links to Governments/Political Agenda:

The increase in BCG’s business can also be attributed to Prince Mohammed’s requirement for expertise as he drives his initiatives to overhaul the nation. This situation notably highlights that BCG has been actively engaged with the Saudi monarchy for political objectives and has established connections with the Saudi royal family.

5- Sources of Funding:

The partnership between BCG and Prince Mohammed Salman was not devoid of compensation. Claims have arisen suggesting that the company received significant funding from the Saudi government.

6- Activities:

Following Prince Mohammed’s appointment as defense minister in 2015, BCG secured a contract to assist in the transformation of the ministry’s procurement systems, alongside enhancing financial and personnel management, as indicated by two individuals familiar with the agreement.In February 2016, BCG accompanied five envoys from the Saudi royal court on a tour of various think tanks in Washington. During these sessions, the emissaries outlined Mohammed bin Salman’s extensive ambitions for reshaping Saudi society, while the consultants, outnumbering the Saudi representatives, discreetly recorded observations.

BCG has become deeply entrenched in formulating the economic roadmap for the nation, referred to as Vision 2030, which aims to reduce Saudi Arabia’s reliance on oil revenues.

7- NGO Leadership:

Christoph Schweizer serves as the CEO of BCG, while Sharon Marcil holds the position of Managing Director & Senior Partner, also serving as the North America Chair. Both are based in Washington, DC.

8- Controversy:

Consultants endeavoring to assist authoritarian regimes from within frequently succumb to the temptation of safeguarding their profitable engagements. Foreign consultants operating within Saudi Arabia sometimes lack comprehension of the native culture and the potential for an authoritarian government to manipulate their efforts. BCG’s involvement in projects for the Saudi government has sparked controversy.

9- Contact Details:

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10- Classification/Blacklist:

BCG’s involvement with the Saudi Arabian government encompasses contentious tasks. Notably, these undertakings are being executed on behalf of an autocratic regime with a track record of disregarding fundamental human rights. This alignment has led to BCG’s inclusion in a list of entities subject to examination due to their connections with the Saudi government.

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