Brazil: Bolsonaro Bank Data Access Approved by Justice

A Supreme Court judge has authorized investigators to access the banking and tax data in Brazil of Jair Bolsonaro and his wife, the former president being suspected of illicit enrichment through the resale of gifts received from foreign countries, said Friday the Brazilian press.

Judge Alexandre de Moraes also requested international assistance to access the couple’s bank data in the United States, where the collaborators of the former far-right president would have sold or attempted to sell these valuables.

Contacted by AFP, neither the Supreme Court nor the federal police have confirmed this information for the moment.

Questioned by journalists, Mr. Bolsonaro reiterated that he had not received any money from the jewels received during his mandate.

“Of course it’s uncomfortable, but there’s no problem” with this decision, he added as he had a coffee at a bakery in central Goiania state. west of the country.

Among these state gifts are two sculptures, one in the shape of a boat and another in the shape of a palm tree, offered by the government of Bahrain during a visit by Mr. Bolsonaro in 2021.

Valuables donated by Saudi Arabia, including a watch and a fountain pen from the Swiss luxury brand Chopard, are also among those presents.

Elements of the investigation were published last week in a judgment by Judge Moraes to justify searches carried out on Friday at the homes of former collaborators of Mr. Bolsonaro.

“The evidence collected showed (the existence) during the presidency of Jair Bolsonaro of a network to divert goods of a high amount which were offered to him”, can we read in this judgment of the magistrate.

Investigators also report property placed in “a suitcase transported on the presidential plane on December 30” 2022, when Mr. Bolsonaro left Brazil to join the United States two days before the inauguration of his left-wing successor Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who defeated him in the presidential election in October.

In April, Mr Bolsonaro was heard by federal police in connection with the case and denied any wrongdoing.

The scandal over the gifts erupted in March, when the Estado de S. Paulo newspaper revealed that senior officials had tried to smuggle in jewelry donated by Saudi Arabia without first declaring it.

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