Debating Israeli Approaches To Palestinian Dispossession

Violent street protests against Netanyahu’s cabinet plan to reform the judiciary continued for the ninth consecutive week in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Israeli forces, some of which are on horseback, have used tear gas, water cannons and military roadblocks, among other means, to contain protests by hundreds of thousands of Israelis or settlers.

The protests have now spread to Israel’s elite warplane pilots who are boycotting training sessions in opposition to Netanyahu’s measures.

The majority of warplane pilots that Israel depends on for its special bombing missions in Syria are boycotting training scheduled for this week. Thirty-seven of the 40 reserve pilots from the Israeli Air Force’s 69th Squadron joined the protest.

According to Israeli media, the 69th squadron is the Air Force’s strongest unit.

He would have responsibility for the F-15 fighter jets that have carried out long-range missions targeting civilian infrastructure in Syria in recent years. Bombing raids have increased since Syrian government forces got the better of foreign-backed militants and terrorists.

Israeli reports also indicate that reservists undergoing mandatory training in the Zionist regime’s elite 8200 intelligence unit are also striking to protest the cabinet’s actions by not attending certain aspects of their training program.

“Calls for insubordination undermine the ability of the Israeli military to function and carry out its missions,” Israeli War Minister Yoav Gallant said.

Dozens of IDF reservists also said they would stop reporting for duty if the so-called judicial reforms were implemented.

Other IDF units are also reportedly joining the protests, which senior Israeli officials say could lead to a “civil war” and the “collapse of Israeli society.”

In January, the new cabinet of Israel’s longest-serving prime minister, who has been accused of corruption, fraud and breach of trust, announced planned changes to the regime’s judicial system that would weaken the Supreme Court and limit its ability to rule against the Israeli Knesset (parliament).

Essentially, this would limit Israel’s so-called Supreme Court or its ability to overturn the decisions of the new cabinet, a coalition cabinet that has a majority in the Knesset. These measures would also strengthen the decision-making power of the new far-right cabinet in the choice of judges.

There is no doubt that the Israeli regime is facing a very serious political impasse with the formation of Netanyahu’s utterly fascist cabinet. Many of his extremist ministers face various scandals or trials. And to top it off, there is Netanyahu himself.

Critics say Supreme Court reform would effectively prevent any sanctions against ultra-right ministers and allow Netanyahu to remain free.

But would it also allow these newly installed fascist ministers to go further in their aggression and violations against the Palestinians?

Over the past few weeks, months and years, Palestinians have witnessed terrible crimes against humanity.

Since Netanyahu’s cabinet was sworn in in early January, these crimes have included several massacres in the occupied West Bank. Around 70 Palestinians were murdered in mass arrest campaigns, homes were demolished, settlements were expanded and prisoners (both male and female) were tortured. Settlers also went on a rampage, burning houses and cars and injuring hundreds of people.

The List is Endless

The “Israeli Supreme Court” that Netanyahu is attacking has been presented by all pro-Zionist supporters as some kind of democratic institution. But it is this same “Supreme Court” that has legitimized all crimes against humanity perpetrated against Palestinians since Netanyahu’s cabinet took power in January 2023 and long before the new cabinet.

Over the decades, the policy of “shoot to kill”, collective punishment, detention of minors, so-called administrative detention and all other crimes considered illegal under international law, have been authorized and legitimized by the Israeli judiciary at the highest level.

From the Palestinian perspective, this is a large-scale protest movement within the Zionist entity. Israelis, including settlers, do not want to be ruled by Netanyahu’s dictatorship.

Proponents and opponents of “judicial reform” still want to maintain the status quo, i.e. the occupation and the superiority of the Zionists over the Palestinians.

To speak of the turmoil in Israel as a form of push for democracy is utter nonsense, from the Palestinian point of view.

Some Israelis fear experiencing a tiny fraction of what Palestinians have experienced. That is, a form of repression against dissident Israelis.

But the Israeli protests have opened the eyes of many in the West Bank and in countries that have normalized relations with the occupation regime. The protests show that this entity is nothing but a monstrous dictatorship that has ethnically cleansed Palestinians.

It remains to be seen whether the Netanyahu clique can crush the dissenting voices.

Israel’s backers (the US and UK in particular) are watching the scale of the protests with concern and wondering whether an armed civil war will break out within the Zionist bloc, as the scale of these protests is undoubtedly new and unprecedented.

But there is no doubt that this is a civil war between the Zionists themselves over how to crush the Palestinian cause.

There is full consensus among all Israeli leaders, parties and the Supreme Court to steal more land and wage wars against the legitimate Palestinian resistance.

The Palestinian armed resistance will continue and it has every right to call on all freedom-loving nations to support its struggle for justice.

If supporters and opponents of Netanyahu’s so-called judicial reforms have one thing in common when it comes to the Palestinians, recent events show just how fragile Israel has become.

It is an occupation entity with hundreds of nuclear weapons that has posed a serious threat to regional peace and security.

She is now facing an internal crisis. This crisis adds to the threats that the resistance forces have posed against it for decades due to its war crimes and attacks.

Modern history shows that no apartheid regime stays in power forever. This is something that we will see in the near future.

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