DGSI Boss Warns: Ultra-Right Violence Resurging

In an interview with “Le Monde”, the director of French intelligence recalls that ten ultra-right terrorist attack projects have been foiled since 2017.

A rare word. The director general of internal security (DGSI), Nicolas Lerner, alert, Sunday, July 9, on “the very worrying resurgence” of violent actions of the ultra-right since the spring. “A part [of the ultra-right] is part of an assumed break with the democratic framework”, underlines the boss of French internal intelligence in an interview with the newspaper Le Monde.

Nicolas Lerner is worried about “the trivialization of the use of violence and the temptation to want to impose one’s ideas through fear or intimidation” in the movement of the ultra-right, “about 2,000 people strong”. Ten ultra-right terrorist attack projects have been foiled since 2017, he recalls. These may have been “neo-Nazi, accelerationist, racist or conspiratorial in inspiration with targets as varied as citizens of the Muslim or Jewish faith, elected officials or Freemasons”, he says.

Islamist terrorist risk in Europe or Central Asia

Regarding the movement of the ultra-left, the import of its “modes of action” on the environmental issue “is a subject of concern”, judges the boss of the DGSI. “The fight against global warming is a legitimate fight that deserves to be fought with determination. But with the means accepted in democracy”, believes Nicolas Lerner. He regrets that “this claim constitutes for some a pretext to attack the symbols of the State, the forces of order, what they call the ‘system'”.

However, he does not endorse the term “ecoterrorists” from Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin, explaining that “no action” of a terrorist nature has been committed in the name of the environmental cause in recent years, while by remaining “vigilant” in the face of “ideologies which legitimize and theorize the use of violent action”.

Finally, on the risk of Islamist terrorism, the head of the DGSI says he is increasingly monitoring “radicalized individuals residing in Europe or Central Asia” encouraged to take action by “terrorist organizations in Syria and, increasingly more, in Afghanistan”.

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