Dissolution of Far-Right Catholic Group: Government Action

The fundamentalist Catholic association Civitas was dissolved on Wednesday (October 4) by the government, which accuses it of wanting to “go to war against the Republic” because of its anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim, homophobic and conspiratorial positions.

“Civitas ensures the promotion of a hierarchy between French citizens with clearly anti-Semitic and Islamophobic theses,” declared government spokesperson Olivier Véran after the council of ministers, announcing its dissolution.

The fundamentalist Catholic association, created in 1999 and which became a political party in 2016, “[calls] to go to war against the Republic”, even by “use of force”, added Mr. Véran.

He also castigated the homophobic positions of the small group, which considers LGBT people to be “a harmful community”, and the organization of “gatherings in tribute to emblematic personalities of collaboration”.

The dissolution of the Civitas association was announced at the beginning of August by the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin, after anti-Semitic remarks were made at the end of July during the movement’s summer university by Pierre Hillard, conspiracy and anti-Semitic essayist .

The latter, for example, considered it necessary to return to the regime “before the naturalization of Jews in 1791” because this would have “[opened] the door to immigration”.

A document broadcast at the end of September by the BFMTV channel, of which a journalist infiltrated the movement, shows premises in which writings by Goebbels and Adolf Hitler appear.

The site specializing in the fight against conspiracy Conspiracy Watch also recalls the conspiratorial rhetoric of Civitas, when it affirms, among other things, wanting to “break with this Masonic republic, vassal of a new world order”.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the movement opposes the “tyranny” which would have manifested itself through vaccination or even through the health pass. At that time, Civitas supported and highlighted conspiracy scientists, including chemist Anne-Marie Yim.

During an association conference on the health crisis, Ms. Yim declared for example that “shadow assassins are performing the Machiavellian and macabre dance outlined in the Protocol of the Elders of Zion written in 1901, with the aim of to dominate the world from an economic, political, financial and spiritual point of view to damn souls. »

The president of Civitas Alain Escada is also a fan of the “great replacement” conspiracy theory, according to which immigration is organized by the global elite in order to replace Christian populations with others originating from Africa and not Christians.

The dissolution of Civitas is the 34th pronounced by the French government since the start of Emmanuel Macron’s presidency in 2017.

14 of them were issued against ultra-right groups and 15 against Islamist associations. Of the three dissolutions of ultra-left associations, two were suspended by the courts.

Civitas also announced, via the social network X, that it would file an appeal against the government’s decision, ensuring that “the fight continues”.

This article is originally published on euractiv.fr

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