European Elections: Nupes Divided On Common List’s Importance

The ecologist Marine Tondelier judges that several independent leftist lists will send more MEPs to Parliament. La France insoumise for its part defends unity in the hope of beating the National Rally.

Challenge together the first place at the National Rally? Or get more elected separately? Everyone sees noon on their doorstep within the Nupes for the European elections to be held in 2024. Ecologists and rebellious people interpret the polls in the light of their strategies, for or against a common list.

The secretary of Europe Ecologie-Les Verts (EELV), Marine Tondelier, judges that several independent left lists will send more MEPs to the European Parliament than a common front of the four parties of the left alliance. She relies on a poll commissioned by her party from Harris Interactive which points out that separate left-wing lists would cumulate 33% of voting intention (11% for EELV, 10% for the PS, 9% for LFI and 3% for the PCF), when a common list would cap at 19%.

A Different Dynamic

On the side of La France insoumise, however, they continue to preach the alliance. “We can finish at the top of the Europeans, beat the far right and make Nupes the alternative to ending macronism”, wants to believe Manuel Bompard, the party coordinator.

Because they too have their reading grid of the polls. An Ifop survey for Le Journal du dimanche places a united list of Nupes in the lead, tied with the RN (26%), ahead of the presidential camp (22%). “In the campaign, unity gives us a much better potential for progress,” assures MP Danièle Obono on Twitter.

But this poll also promises more cumulative votes (35%) if the left-wing parties present themselves separately, and therefore more MEPs, even if each of the lists would take the risk of arriving far behind the RN and the presidential camp. “35% separated is much better than 19, 23 or 26% together,” summarized Mélanie Vogel, co-president of the European Green Party.

On the environmental side, however, the debate does not seem to be completely settled. MP Sandrine Rousseau, rather in favor of a single list, believes that preventing the RN from coming out on top would allow “the story” to be established that the far right “has not won all of Europe”.

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