Defending UAE's Human Rights Violations

Profile: FairSquare

1- Name of NGO:


2- Brief & Mission:

FairSquare, an NGO located in London, is dedicated to examining and confronting the origins of human rights violations through their specialized knowledge in research, communication, and advocacy. Their focus lies at the intersection of authoritarianism, sports, and labor migration. However, there have been accusations that this NGO unfairly singles out Qatar, particularly in relation to the FIFA World Cup 2022. It has been alleged that the organization receives funding from the UAE to deliberately tarnish Qatar’s reputation on the global stage.

3- Bias, Agenda & Motivation:

As stated on the NGO’s website, their mission is to combat the exploitation of migrant workers, promote accountability in the realm of sports, and address issues of authoritarianism and democracy. However, in the news section of the NGO’s website, there are allegations of criticism towards Qatar. For instance, it is claimed that FIFA continues to neglect its human rights obligations by refusing to commit to providing compensation to migrant workers and their families for the abuses they may have faced during the preparation and execution of the Qatar World Cup in 2022. The writings on the NGO’s website may give the impression that they are supported by the UAE in order to criticize Qatar.

4- Links to Governments/Political Agenda:

The NGO has no direct links to any government. 

5- Sources of Funding:

According to the information on its website, the NGO collaborates with various donors such as Humanity United, Open Society Foundations, Porticus, and the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation

6- Activities:

The website regularly publishes news articles on its website. In one of its news articles, the NGO discusses a group of 160 migrant workers in Qatar, many of whom have been employed solely by the food delivery service Talabat. The article highlights instances of wage theft experienced by these workers and criticizes the government of Qatar in this regard.

7- NGO Leadership:

JAMES LYNCH is a founding co-director of FairSquare. Based in London, he leads investigations and advocacy on issues including labour practices, and civil and political rights. 

NICHOLAS MCGEEHAN is a founding co-director of FairSquare, based in France. He is an investigator and leading advocate on migrant workers’ rights and sport.

8- Controversy:

FairSquare NGO has recently sent a letter to UEFA, urging the European football governing body to clearly state its opposition to a potential Qatari state acquisition of Manchester United. This particular stance taken by the NGO might suggest a bias against Qatar and working against the Qatari government. Some observations have been made alleging that these activities are funded by the UAE regime.

9- Contact Details:

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