Far-right And Reactionary Ecology

Is it possible to map a nebula as complex as that of far-right and reactionary ecologies? To accompany its file of the week, Politis has joined forces with the FLED collective for a non-exhaustive representation, aiming to be a first tool for identifying these different currents.

Even if visual representations are excellent aids to understanding, mapping the extreme right remains a difficult task as they are protean, interconnected and in perpetual evolution. This map focuses on some of the movements, organizations and political parties that approach ecology from an extreme right or reactionary perspective. Some are voters, not all. Malthusianists, separatists, fascists, royalists, decreasing, esoteric.

The list is long, and it is obviously not exhaustive, whether at the level of personalities, groups or links represented. This map was produced in collaboration with the environmental collective Fled and aims to serve as the first tool for identifying these currents.

This article is originally published on politis.fr

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