Far-Right Media ‘Livre Noir’ Launches Chaotic Magazine Return

While his former associates file a complaint against him, the co-founder of the online identity media Erik Tegnér publishes a quarterly, which an event with Eric Zemmour at the Cirque d’hiver will accompany on Saturday evening.

Black book, sleepless nights: Erik Tegnér has a hoarse voice and a tired look. This lively and agitated thirty-something, defining himself as a “conservative liberal”, promotes Livre noir Magazine, a quarterly whose first issue, on newsstands since September 28, is devoted to… immigration. And nothing goes as planned. The entrepreneur is accused of toxic management and fraudulent management by his former partners. “They want to destroy me because I am at a pivotal moment,” Mr. Tegnér complained when Le Monde met him on the day of publication.

Since this summer, this herald of a “union of the rights” tending towards radicalism has been trying to relaunch the online media (350,000 subscribers on YouTube) which had disrupted the 2022 presidential campaign on the far right. In June 2021, Livre noir notably carried out an interview with Eric Zemmour in which the former polemicist whispered his political ambitions for the first time. A scoop obtained thanks to the friendship between Erik Tegnér and Sarah Knafo, the advisor and companion of the president of Reconquête!

This article is originally published on lemonde.fr

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