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Profile: First International Resources

1- Name of NGO:

First International Resources

2- Brief & Mission:

First International Resources operates within the sector of Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services, specializing in several domains such as CRISIS MANAGEMENT, CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS, GOVERNMENT RELATIONS, ATTITUDINAL RESEARCH, and INTERNATIONAL POLITICAL CONSULTING.

Recent disclosures have come to light, revealing that The Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company, also known as Masdar, has entered into a recent contractual arrangement with First International Resources. This contract, which has emerged within the past few weeks, outlines the objective of reshaping unfavorable media coverage and addressing criticisms directed towards Sultan Ahmed al-Jaber. It’s noteworthy that Sultan Ahmed al-Jaber holds significant roles as the chief executive of the Emirati state-owned oil company and the president of the upcoming COP28 discussions. This contract’s particulars have been officially documented and submitted to the Justice Department.

3- Bias, Agenda & Motivation:

The state-owned renewable energy entity of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has enlisted the services of a specialized public relations firm focused on crisis management. This strategic move aims to counter criticisms and enhance the UAE’s environmental reputation as a prosperous oil-producing nation, particularly in anticipation of hosting a round of United Nations climate talks in November.

The UAE has recently established a fresh contractual arrangement with First International Resources, a development that transpired within the past few weeks. The objective of this partnership is to strategically manage unfavorable media coverage and address critiques concerning Sultan Ahmed al-Jaber. Notably, Sultan Ahmed al-Jaber holds the prominent positions of chief executive within the Emirati state-owned oil company and president of the forthcoming COP28 talks.

4- Links to Governments/Political Agenda:

According to the terms of the contract, the firm will also actively pursue “politically influential individuals” to serve as unbiased third-party endorsers and advocates for the UAE, Dr. Al Jaber, and COP28. This aspect underscores the firm’s direct association with the ruling monarchy of the UAE.

5- Sources of Funding:

The agreement between First International and the UAE involves a considerable financial investment. The six-month contract includes a monthly retainer of $100,000, in addition to an extra $132,000 allocated for the U.S. segment of the polling project, as indicated by filings with the Department of Justice.

6- Activities:

 Under the terms of the arrangement, Zev Furst, Donny Furst, and Joe Shwirtz from First International Resources are entrusted with conducting polling across seven Western European countries and the U.S. Their goal is to formulate a messaging strategy that encompasses various objectives, including enhancing global backing and comprehension for COP28, alongside its specific policy goals and aims. Additionally, the strategy aims to highlight the strategic significance of the UAE within the broader global effort to combat climate change.

Following this, FIR intends to utilize the improved reputation to “inoculate” Sultan Ahmed al-Jaber and the climate summit from any potential criticism. Simultaneously, they seek to garner amplified Western support for the hosts of the conference, as well as redirect unfavorable media coverage. Throughout this process, FIR also assumes the role of being a personal advisory platform to al-Jaber.

7- NGO Leadership:

Zev Furst holds the position of CHAIRMAN & CEO, while DONNY FURST serves as the President of FIR.

8- Controversy:

The involvement of The Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company, known as Masdar, in a contractual arrangement with First International Resources to manage unfavorable media coverage and address criticisms directed at Sultan Ahmed al-Jaber is indeed a matter of grave concern. This is particularly significant considering that Sultan Ahmed al-Jaber holds the positions of chief executive within the Emirati state-owned oil company and president of the impending COP28 talks. The situation raises apprehensions due to the involvement of the COP28 president in mitigating their fossil fuel-related history and engaging in lobbying efforts.

 9- Contact Details:

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10- Classification/Blacklist:

FIR’s involvement with the UAE government necessitates assuming significant obligations. Precisely, these responsibilities encompass promoting the objectives of an autocratic regime and a nation engaged in fossil fuel production, which has displayed a consistent lack of regard for fundamental human rights principles. As a result of this partnership, FIR finds itself among the entities under examination due to their affiliations with the UAE government.

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