Germany Bans Neo-Nazi Sect Indoctrinating Youth

This Wednesday, the Federal Ministry of the Interior banned in Germany a neo-Nazi pseudo-sect, with an openly xenophobic ideology, defender of the supremacy of the white race and fundamentally dedicated to the indoctrination of children and adolescents. A week after the closure of the German branch of the international neo-Nazi group Hammerskins, the head of the German Interior, Nancy Faeser, dictated the veto of the association Artgemeinschaft or Community Raza, while hundreds of police officers carried out this morning searches. housing and other real estate for 39 of its members spread across 26 sites in 12 Länder.

The minister’s order provides for the confiscation of all the sect’s assets, as well as the closure of its websites and a ban on promoting it on the Internet. Alongside the organization, the association Familienwerk or Family Work, a subsidiary whose function was to financially support large ultranationalist families, was also banned. The ministry stressed that the Artgemeinschaft violated the constitutional order and the understanding of the people, among other reasons, due to its xenophobic nature. Under the full name “Race community – Germanic faith community in a way of life consistent with its essence”, it is one of the oldest neo-Nazi groups in the Federal Republic.

On her website, she has until now defended her ultranationalist and racist ideology and has been openly combative. Among other things, he declared that he would defend himself “until death against every enemy of the family, the clan, the fatherland and people of the Germanic race and Germanic faith.” Among its mottos, it stands out that “struggle is part of life and is necessary so that everything can become, be and die”. Founded in the 1950s, it has been registered as an association based in Berlin since 1957. Its first leader was the far-right professor with esoteric tendencies Wilhelm Kusserow. Currently, the Raza community was led by the Bavarian Sabrina S., while the famous neo-Nazi Jens B. headed the Familienwerk association.

Historical National Socialism

Bavaria’s domestic intelligence services highlighted in their latest annual report that the Artgemeinschaft is “an important interface for the German neo-Nazi scene”, which defends the “supremacy of the German-Nordic race” and is oriented “towards a vision of the world oriented towards historical national socialism. To prevent the Germanic race from mixing with other “inferior” races, the group established rules for its members that inevitably recalled Nazi norms and which required, among other things, marriages between people of the same Nordic ethnicity- Germanic to guarantee procreation. with “children of the same race”. Their activities, such as family reunions and juvenile camps, aimed to indoctrinate parents and minors.

In front of the Christian cross, the sect’s symbol was the Germanic “Irmunsul”, a pillar or column which, according to Saxon legend, connects heaven and earth and is represented by an oak trunk. Their calendar was guided not by the birth of Jesus Christ, but by the presumed year of construction of the megalithic monument Stonehenge. According to their calculations we are in the year 3,823 after Stonehenge. The authorities estimate that the group was made up of around 90 people, with a hard core of around 40 ultranationalist activists. During large events such as the summer solstice or “Christmas” celebrations, more than 300 people gathered, including many children and adolescents.

Until now, German authorities were mainly concerned about his proselytizing work among minors and his contacts with violent neo-Nazi groups. Neo-Nazi terrorists like Ralf Wohlleben, convicted of complicity in the murder of nine people by the terrorist group National Socialist Underground (NSU), found temporary refuge in the Artgemeinschaft. Far-right Stephan Ernst, sentenced to life in prison for the murder of a Christian Democratic politician, was also a temporary member of the now-disbanded sect.

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