Germany’s Political Spectrum: Impact on Palestinians

On Thursday, in the German Parliament, the Bundestag, a debate with a particularly reactionary tone took place about the war in Palestine.

After a government statement emphasizing unconditional solidarity with the State of Israel, all parties in the Bundestag voted, in reactionary national unity, on a motion to ban Palestinian organizations such as the Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network , Samidoun, and threatening Palestinians with “measures relating to the right of residence” – that is to say, expulsions – without mentioning a single word of the siege and bombardment of the Gaza Strip, contrary to human rights. man. From the Alternativ für Deutschland (AfD, far right) to die Linke (party to the left of the socialist party) via the CDU/CSU (Christian Democrats, Angela Merkel’s party) and the “traffic light” government coalition (socialists, Greens and liberals), there is total unity against the Palestinian people.

The declaration calls on the federal government, “following the ban on association pronounced on April 30, 2020 against the Hezbollah association, to immediately pronounce a ban on activity and, if necessary, a ban on organization against Hamas and its supporters and front and cover organizations in Germany, as well as against Samidoun, and to work towards the closure of the Islamic Center of Hamburg.” The parties thus place Samidoun (solidarity network for Palestinian prisoners) on the same level as Islamist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah.

In addition, the AfD, the CDU/CSU, the government and the Linke jointly ask “to work so that the facts which took place on the evening of October 7, 2023 in the streets of Neukölln in Berlin and elsewhere are elucidated and punished criminally. All means of the rule of law must be used, including measures relating to the right of residence.” The Berlin district of Neukölln, where many Palestinian refugees live who have tried to defy bans on demonstrations, is in fact in the government’s sights. An unprecedented criminalization actively supported by the Linke as it embodies the racist denigration against Palestinians and the expulsion policy of the federal government. Just after the vote in Parliament, Dietmar Bartsch, co-leader of the Linke parliamentary group, even tweeted his pride at having committed his party to this infamous position.

The Linke party is on the verge of implosion. On the one hand, its former leader, and media figure, Sahra Wagenknecht is on the verge of creating her own party with the aim of embodying a “conservative left”, nationalist and xenophobic to march on the toes of the far right which achieved historic scores in the last elections. On the other hand, a wing of the Linke, which already co-runs several municipalities with the Greens and the Socialists, wishes to integrate even further into the regime, in particular by adopting NATO positions. Against a backdrop of terminal decomposition, the Linke is moving to the right or to the right.

While the German far left still largely has its eyes fixed on this party, even its membership card in its pocket, this umpteenth demonstration of national unity behind German imperialism must be the moment to finally settle the scores with the Linke and to strongly oppose this policy.

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