Germany’s Vigilance: Combating Islamophobia with Federal Attention

The German Interior Ministry recorded 258 Islamophobic crimes in the first half of 2023, we learned on Monday, August 28. These data were published in response to a question posed in Parliament by the opposition party, Die Linke.

Most of the attacks were committed in the Länder of eastern Germany, where the extreme right is particularly well established. Dozens of Muslims were physically or verbally attacked in public places between January and June, Anadolu Agency reports. Seventeen people were injured in the violence. A dozen mosques were also the target of attacks.

According to Interior Ministry officials, investigations have been opened against several suspects, but have not resulted in any arrests to date.

German government’s focus on tackling Islamophobia

At the end of June, a report by the group of independent experts responsible for investigating Islamophobia in Germany was submitted to the federal government. The commission, set up in 2020 at the request of the Ministry of the Interior after the attack committed by the far right in Hanau, then alerted to the worrying rise in Islamophobia across the country.

At least a third of Muslims living in Germany said they had been the victim at least once in their life of a hostile act towards them because of their religious affiliation, the report says. Between 700 and 1,000 Islamophobic acts have been recorded per year since 2017.

Among the recommendations, the group of experts calls on the federal authorities in particular to appoint a commissioner in charge of the fight against Islamophobia, to grant more resources to specialized associations and to encourage civil servants (teachers, educators, police officers, etc.). ) to do training.

“Many of the 5.5 million Muslims in Germany are victims of exclusion and discrimination in their daily lives, going as far as hatred and violence”, admitted the Minister of the Interior, Nancy Faeser, after the delivery of the report. “It is very important to make this phenomenon visible” in order to better engage the fight against hatred, she added.

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