Greece: a neo-Nazi is running for mayor of Athens from his prison

Ilias Kasidiaris, tattooed with a swastika, is a Holocaust denier who claimed there were no gas chambers in Auschwitz

Ilias Kasidiaris, tattooed with a swastika and imprisoned in Greece since 2021 for his involvement in the far-right Golden Dawn party, dissolved after the convictions of several of its members for leading a criminal organization linked to hate crimes, ran for mayor of Athens.

After the dissolution of Golden Dawn, Ilias Kasidiaris founded a new party, the Greek National Party. Parliament, however, barred him from taking part in the June elections, fearing that Mr Kasidiaris and other Golden Dawn alumni could rejoin the legislature. On Monday, the centre-left party alliance PASOK submitted a bill banning criminals such as Kasidiaris from standing for election. According to the Greek news site eKathimerini, the law is unlikely to be passed by the government.

Members of Golden Dawn, a staunchly anti-immigrant party that formed in the wake of Greece’s financial crisis in the early 2010s, have been accused of targeting migrants and others. They rejected the neo-Nazi label, while praising Nazi nationalism based on blood and soil.

Ilias Kasidiaris admitted to being a Holocaust denier, who notably asserted that there were no gas chambers in Auschwitz. He and other Golden Dawn members have called Israel an “eternal enemy” of Greece and Greek Orthodoxy.

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