Greens Demand Reform Withdrawal: Calls For Demonstration

“Many of our compatriots voted for me today, not to support the ideas I hold but to block the far right. I want to thank them here and tell them that this vote binds me for the years to come. I am the custodian of their sense of duty, of their attachment to the Republic and of respect for the differences that have been expressed in recent weeks. It is clear that we are still waiting for the President to respect this commitment made on April 24, 2022.

Social cohesion continues to be trampled on even though the structuring reforms – such as that of pensions which reflects a certain vision of the methods of solidarity – require extensive exchanges with the various intermediary bodies, as well as a clear method in the conduct of debates in the country and with respect for parliamentarians.

Responsibility of The Inter-Union

The forceful passage of this reform, faced with a country which continues to reject it overwhelmingly without violence thanks to the responsibility of the inter-union, further weakens our country, whose anger, weariness and abstention rates in the last elections were already strong signals to approach the subject differently. Especially since many alerts have come from several intermediate bodies including those of the reformist unions.

Cynicism, irresponsibility, the two combined? The president is definitely above ground and his televised intervention as well as his stubbornness demonstrate it. In the end, even if the reform persists, the damage is already considerable and we fear that representative democracy will suffer even more for the benefit of authoritarian temptations.

The social crisis, coupled with an encysting political crisis, thus leads to a crisis of the regime from which it will be necessary to emerge with our heads held high without delay, in respect and revitalization of the values of the Republic. Because at the same time, while we have to fight the major battle for the climate and the democratic consolidation of Europe, war has appeared on the eastern borders of the EU.

In all responsibility, we renew our call to support the inter-union and to continue the mobilization until the withdrawal of the reform and to continue to bring political pluralism to life while respecting our differences and valuing our convergences.

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