Harmony Of Religions: Islam In Russia’s Multicultural Landscape

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov believes that Islam is experiencing an unprecedented movement in Russia, stressing that in his country Islam coexists with other religions.

Lavrov said Friday that Islam is enjoying a “renaissance” in Russia, and also noted that Russian Muslims “stand shoulder to shoulder” with their compatriots and continue to defend the country’s security.

The head of Russian diplomacy said: “Islam in Russia is experiencing an unprecedented renaissance and ascent, as it continues to coexist harmoniously with other religions.”

“Our joint work has revealed widely overlapping assessments of inter-civilizational and inter-religious issues that are being discussed in our country and internationally,” he said.

The minister stressed that “we are united in the defense of spiritual and moral values, rejecting Islamophobia, Christianophobia or any other form of religious intolerance.”

This article is originally published on iqna.ir


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