Histadrut Rally: Call For General Strike

Demonstrators from all over Tel Aviv begin to converge on the headquarters of the Histadrut trade union organization to call for a general strike.

Many protesters are furious that the federation has not called a strike despite the expected passage next week of a bill to drastically reduce judicial review of government decisions.

Histadrut leader Arnon Bar-David has denied reports that far-right finance minister Bezalel Smotrich warned him not to take part in the protests, as part of wage negotiations between the sector public and ministry.

In late March, the union joined an all-day general strike sparked by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s since-reversed decision to fire Defense Minister Yoav Gallant for calling for a halt to government reform. judicial system in a context of growing unrest. The strike was called off the same day, after Netanyahu agreed to suspend the legislative overhaul process to allow negotiations with the opposition, which have since failed.

This article is originally published on fr.timesofisrael.com

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