Hitler’s Balcony: Austria’s Far-Right Campaign Footage

Lively controversies surrounding a far-right campaign clip in Austria. The Austrian Freedom Party (FPO) presented footage from “Adolf Hitler’s balcony” in a clip that combines distressing music with attacks on immigration and the LGBT community.

In the images, the voice-over insults images of urban violence or Notre-Dame de Paris on fire, the progressive and migration policies of the European Union and affirms that “[they are] Austria’s last chance » in the face of “liberal-leftist indoctrination” and “multicultural dystopia”.

Among the most striking images, that of the famous “Hitler’s balcony” particularly attracted attention. We can indeed see men and women observing the empty balcony with a serious look. Located at the Imperial Palace in Vienna, Adolf Hitler celebrated the annexation by Nazi Germany there on March 15, 1938. The voice-over also refers to journalists as “enemies” of the party.

The current chancellor, Karl Nehammer, regretted the imagery summoned in the clip. He plays “with the images we know of the past” and multiplies “historical allusions in a dark and threatening way,” he denounced. The leader of the FPO, Herbert Kickl, immediately reaffirmed his support for the young people of his party who lent their voices to the video. He also said there was nothing to be “scandalized about”.

Among the voices that spoke out against the campaign clip, that of Bernhard Weidinger, researcher at the documentation center on the Austrian resistance, noted “the accumulation of more or less open references to the ideologies of the most extreme right, whether either by the terms used or the theoretical references,” reports AFP. The far-right party is announced as the favorite in the next legislative elections with 30% of voting intentions to beat the conservative party currently in power with the Greens.

This article is originally published on vanityfair.fr

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