Hogan Lovells

Profile: Hogan Lovells

1- Name of NGO:

Hogan Lovells

2- Brief & Mission:

Hogan Lovells is a multinational law firm with dual headquarters in London and Washington, DC. The firm was established in 2010 through the merger of the American law firm Hogan & Hartson and the British law firm Lovells. By 2022, the firm had a workforce of approximately 2,500 attorneys, positioning it as the sixth largest legal firm globally. 

Recent revelations have surfaced indicating that Hogan Lovells has been involved in lobbying activities on behalf of Saudi Arabia. The firm’s association with Saudi Arabia dates back at least to 1976 when its precursor, Hogan and Hartson, initially entered into an agreement with the Saudi kingdom. 

3- Bias, Agenda & Motivation:

In the early stages of March 2020, amidst the global spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a significant drop in oil prices, triggering a conflict over prices between Saudi Arabia and Russia. This situation had a direct impact on American oil and gas companies, causing them considerable distress. With the decline in oil prices, Republican senators representing oil-producing states directed their frustration towards Saudi Arabia. The ongoing civil war in Yemen took a back seat as these senators focused on the kingdom’s involvement in reducing worldwide oil prices.

The reaction from the Saudi lobby in Washington was no less tumultuous in response to the anger expressed by members of the U.S. Congress. Leading this effort was Hogan Lovells, a prominent lobbying firm for Saudi Arabia in the nation’s capital. They took the initiative to communicate with staff members working in the offices of more than thirty Congress members. The core of their message was unequivocal: “Saudi Arabia has never intended and will never intend to purposefully harm U.S. shale oil producers.”

4- Links to Governments/Political Agenda:

Hogan is molding a Saudi standpoint concerning the Yemen conflict, underscoring their active involvement with the Saudi monarchy for political aims and solidifying their affiliations with the Saudi royal family.

5- Sources of Funding:

Documents presented to the Justice Department, as disclosed by The Intercept, outline an agreement where Coleman’s legal firm, Hogan Lovells, was engaged by the Saudi Arabian government under a contract valued at $175,000 per month.

6- Activities:

On March 12, 2021, an airstrike resulted in the death of 18 individuals in a residential locality in al-Maqbanah. Astonishingly, just three days after this incident, on March 15, Hogan Lovells circulated letters endorsing the kingdom’s resolute commitment to fostering peace in Yemen. Many of these letters were dispatched by former Senator Norm Coleman. Coinciding with this, there was a discernible surge in airstrikes, with 178 aerial attacks occurring on the same day, involving 12 to 15 strikes per assault.

Subsequently, on May 11, 2021, Hogan Lovells disseminated a letter conveying Saudi Arabia’s backing for a “peaceful solution to the conflict in Yemen.” Paradoxically, a few weeks following this, on May 7, 2021, an airstrike targeted a residential area in Serwah, leading to the demise of 11 civilians. Another devastating airstrike transpired a week later, on a medical center, claiming the lives of seven more innocent civilians.

Remarkably, lobbyists representing Saudi Arabia consistently released information asserting the kingdom’s aspiration for peace, all the while the frequency of lethal airstrikes continued to escalate. This narrative found a sympathetic audience in Washington.

7- NGO Leadership:

Miguel A. Zaldivar, Jr. is Chief Executive Officer of Hogan Lovells. 

8- Controversy:

Hogan Lovells overlooks the pivotal elements of the current US-Saudi partnership, notably the extensive volume of arms transactions with the kingdom, the ongoing and destructive conflict in Yemen sustained by Prince Salman and associates, the victimization of Saudi dissidents and women’s advocacy organizations, as well as MBS’s involvement in the heinous assassination of Khashoggi. 

9- Contact Details:

  • Website:https://www.hoganlovells.com
  • Address:USA
  • Email:  vassi.iliadis@hoganlovells.com

10- Classification/Blacklist:

Hogan Lovells’ engagement with the Saudi Arabian government involves contentious responsibilities. Notably, these assignments revolve around representing an autocratic regime known for its consistent disregard of basic human rights principles. This association has resulted in Hogan Lovells being included in a roster of entities that are being scrutinized due to their affiliations with the Saudi government.

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