How to Register a NGO in Jamaica?

How to Register a NGO in Jamaica?

Creating a non-profit group in Jamaica can be a really cool and satisfying thing to do. Non-profits are groups that aim to make society better, not to make money for themselves.

In Jamaica, more and more people are starting these kinds of groups because they can help fix big problems and support those who need it most. 

When you start a non-profit in Jamaica, you get a chance to make a positive impact on your community and help people who are struggling. It’s a way to give back and do good things.

Food for Poor is the biggest group that helps people for free in Jamaica. They are from the United States. Since 1982, they have been teaming up with different groups in Jamaica to give food, homes, and other help to people who don’t have much.

We will talk about the important rules and laws you need to follow, what papers you’ll need, and how to get the money you need. Also, we’ll chat about why it’s crucial to have a good plan and strategy.

Find Out About Local Laws 

Before you begin your nonprofit in Jamaica, it’s important to do some homework on the local rules. This means finding out about the different types of nonprofits you can create, what paperwork you need to fill out, and any money you might have to pay to get started. 

You should also get to know the laws that apply to nonprofits in Jamaica, like the Companies Act, the Public Benefit Organizations Act, and the Charities Act. Plus, you might need to look into how taxes work for people who want to donate money, whether they’re from Jamaica or other countries. Taking the time to research these rules is super important to make sure your nonprofit is a success.

Complete The Documents 

Once you know what your nonprofit wants to do and have picked a name, you’ll need to fill out some important paperwork. First, there’s an application form you’ll need to complete to register as a nonprofit. You can get this form from the Ministry of Labour and Social Security in Jamaica.The usual way and the cost is 24,500 Jamaican dollars, which is equal to $1,600.

Then, there’s something called “articles of incorporation.” This document includes the official name of your nonprofit, what it’s all about, and who does what in the organization. The people involved in your nonprofit will need to sign it, and then you send it to the Ministry of Labour and Social Security in Jamaica to get their approval.

Register With The Authorities 

Once you have a group of leaders, a clear mission, and some rules in place (called bylaws), it’s time to make your nonprofit official. This means signing up with the right government groups. Depending on what kind of nonprofit you’re making, you might need to sign up with the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Health, or another government office.

You might also have to register with the Companies Office of Jamaica, which deals with making things official for companies, groups, and charities in Jamaica. When you register with these government offices, it shows that your nonprofit is following the law and playing by the same rules as other groups in Jamaica.

Get A Charity License

After you’ve done all the things we talked about earlier, it’s time to get something called a charity license. This special license is given out by the Department of Local Government and Community Development, and it’s super important for your nonprofit in Jamaica to be considered official and legal.

Getting this license involves filling out a form and giving them some important papers and info about your organization, like what it does and how it handles money. Once you send in your application, the people at the Department of Local Government and Community Development will take a look at it and usually approve your license in a few weeks.

Create A Business Plan

Making a plan and a budget for your nonprofit is super important for it to work well. This plan helps you set real goals and figure out what you need to reach them. When you’re making this plan and budget, think about what your nonprofit is all about, who it’s trying to help, and what you want to achieve with your programs. 

Also, think about where you can get money from, like grants or donations. Lastly, make a budget that lists how much money you’ll need to run your nonprofit and decide how much you want to get in and spend. 

This helps you stay on track and do good work.The plan called the Jamaica Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) for 2020-2025 acknowledges that there are local groups and regular people all over the country, as well as different nonprofit organizations. However, it doesn’t give exact numbers or details about how much they are helping.

What Documents Do You Need?

The Tax Office checks on nonprofits every two years to make sure they are still doing the things they said they would when they registered. If they’re not, they might lose their tax-free status. So, make sure you and your board think really carefully about what your nonprofit will do before you fill out all the paperwork.

Super Form

To get started, fill out a big form called the super form (BRF). In it, you’ll need to provide information like your company’s name, what your company does, where it’s located, and who the directors are.If everything is right with your papers, you’ll get a certificate that says your company is official in just four workdays. It costs $24,000.00 to make your company official.

Form 1B

There’s another form called Form 1B. This one is for giving details about your board members and the laws from the Companies Act that apply to your nonprofit. Even though it says “company limited by guarantee,” choose “charity” when you’re registering for nonprofit status.

When it comes to proving who’s in charge of your nonprofit, you can use these types of ID for the main director:

  • National ID
  • Driver’s License
  • Passport

Final Words

Getting a nonprofit going in Jamaica takes a lot of thinking, getting ready, and putting in effort. But if you have the right stuff and the right people, you can start a nonprofit that helps your community and keeps doing good things for a long time. If you have a clear goal, the things you need, and a strong desire to help, you have what it takes to make a change.

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