Indian Prime Minister’s Call To Address Human Rights Attacks

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Franco-Indian strategic partnership, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the guest of honor of the President of the French Republic for the national holiday of July 14

This invitation should not eclipse the violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms at work since 2014 – and the accession to power of the far-right Hindu nationalist party of Narendra Modi.

The repression of minorities, in particular religious or ethnic, and of all civil society continues to grow. Arrests and intimidation of human rights activists, murders of journalists, pressure on trade unions and NGOs are increasing. Since 2014, Narendra Modi’s regime has worked tirelessly to marginalize citizen forces and civil society by branding them as foreign agents or traitors and frequently prosecuting them for “sedition”. or “terrorism”. The independence of the press and that of the judiciary have been seriously undermined and freedom of expression drastically reduced. The government also cracked down on labor rights by repealing 29 laws, which weakened worker protections.

These authoritarian excesses of the regime and its repeated attacks against counter-powers must not be ignored under the pretext of economic or strategic interests. The CFDT unreservedly condemns these abuses. It asks the French and European authorities to adopt a firm attitude as well as an unambiguous expression in the face of violations of fundamental rights and attacks on Indian democracy, and to enjoin Narendra Modi to put an end to them without delay.

The CFDT expresses its solidarity with Indian citizens, civil society organizations, trade unions and activists who take major risks to defend human rights and fundamental freedoms.

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