Investigation Unveils Project Veritas: James O’Keefe’s Launch

It wasn’t fun while it lasted.
It’s been six months since James O’Keefe, the founder and former chief executive of the Veritas project, a nonprofit right-wing media organization, fell out with the board of directors over his own idea which prompted his departure from the company. But it looks like the dust hasn’t settled yet.

The far-right activist is now the subject of an ongoing investigation by the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office. And while the direction of the probe is unclear, The Nation—which first broke the news on Friday—noted that it may be related to allegations that O’Keefe misused donor funds during his time at Project Veritas. O’Keefe left the company in February after complaints from board members that he had spent “an excessive amount of donor funds over the past three years on personal luxuries”, a claim that ‘O’Keefe denied.

A spokesperson for the Westchester County Attorney’s Office declined to reveal the nature of the investigation when contacted by The Nation. “We don’t talk about how we start our investigations,” Jin Whang, director of public affairs for the bureau, said in a statement. “But if you want confirmation that we are investigating O’Keefe, then yes. We can confirm that. (O’Keefe did not respond to a request for comment.)

Hannah Gilles, the current CEO of Project Veritas, told The Nation that “Project Veritas has not initiated any potential investigation that the Westchester District Attorney’s Office may conduct with respect to James O’Keefe. However, PV cooperates with authorities as required by law.

Project Veritas – a group known for launching controversial “sting” operations against perceived conservative enemies – was behind a civil suit against O’Keefe filed in May. The lawsuit accuses him of financial improprieties, attempting to siphon off Project Veritas donors and employees to launch a new project, and breaching a non-disparagement clause amid his messy rift with the nonprofit organization. non-profit in February.

The Westchester County investigation isn’t the organization’s only strange twist in recent times: In a post Thursday by the official Project Veritas X account (formerly known as Twitter), Giles was accused of dismissing the entire staff. “SOS Hannah Giles just fired us all,” read one now-deleted X post. Giles did not respond to a request for comment on the post. But The Post Millennial, a conservative news site, reported on Thursday that many Project Veritas employees were laid off this week. Additionally, Charlie Kirk, an O’Keefe ally and founder of the right-wing youth group Turning Point USA, posted that “Project Veritas fired virtually all of its staff. Only a small HR team and a few fundraisers remain.

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