Islam’s Message Of Peace: UN Secretary-General

United Nations (UN) Secretary-General António Guterres has stressed that Islam’s message of peace, compassion and grace has inspired people around the world for more than a millennium. In his statement on the occasion of the International Day Against Islamophobia, celebrated on March 15, António Guterres called for vigilance and action to eliminate the poison of anti-Muslim hatred.

Mr. Guterres recalled that nearly two billion Muslims in the world reflect the diversity of humanity, but they often face bigotry and prejudice because of their faith. Muslims face personal attacks, hate speech, scapegoating, institutional discrimination and stigma. Mr. Guterres also highlighted the triple discrimination that Muslim women face because of their gender, ethnicity and faith.

He also explained that the growing hatred faced by Muslims is part of the resurgence of ethno-nationalism, neo-Nazi white supremacist ideologies and violence targeting vulnerable populations, including Muslims. , Jews, certain minority Christian communities and others. Discrimination diminishes us all and it is everyone’s responsibility to oppose it, he stressed.

To strengthen defenses against discrimination, Guterres called for policies that fully respect human rights and protect religious and cultural identities. He also insisted on recognizing diversity as wealth and on increasing investments in social cohesion to fight against bigotry.

The UN chief stressed that all major religions and traditions call for tolerance, respect and mutual understanding. The universal values that animate the Charter of the United Nations are at the heart of the quest for justice, human rights and peace. He concluded by urging people to strive to realize these values and to counter the forces of division by reaffirming their common humanity, not only on the International Day Against Islamophobia, but also every day.

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