Israeli Suspect’s House Arrest After Palestinian Death

Law enforcement appeals decision to release Yehiel Indore; police arrest 2 Palestinians suspected of involvement in clashes

Israeli Yehiel Indore was placed under house arrest. The latter is on trial for killing a Palestinian during clashes in the village of Burqa in the West Bank during an altercation on August 4.

The court rejected the request of the Israeli security forces, which had asked the Court to keep the suspect in detention. Police later appealed the release, and a hearing into the matter is scheduled for later on Tuesday. The police authorities had expanded the charges against Elisha Yered and Yehiel Indor and issued a request for an extension of their detention for 12 days. A police representative explained to the court that the two suspects should not be released, stressing that they had taken justice hostage. But Judge Zion Saharay denied the motion, saying the evidence was not sufficient.

Indore is suspected of shooting Matan in an incident between Jewish settlers and Palestinians in the northern West Bank near the town of Burqa. According to the military, the clashes erupted after Jewish residents of a nearby outpost left sheep to graze in the area. Palestinians from the city approached to drive them away from their land, which sparked an altercation. The army said in a statement on Saturday: “During the clash, Israeli civilians fired in the direction of the Palestinians. One Palestinian was killed, four others were injured, and a Palestinian vehicle was found set on fire.”

Israel Police on Monday dropped a charge that Indore acted with racial motives, but is still investigating premeditated or reckless murder, participation in a riot, conspiracy to commit a crime and obstruction of justice. Earlier on Tuesday, two Palestinians were arrested in Burqa as suspects in the violent clashes. Police said further arrests could be expected, following the arrest and release of five other Palestinian suspects.

“Free the Hero”

More than 200 people gathered Sunday evening in Jerusalem to demand that the police release the “hero”, Yehiel Indore. The group, made up of several far-right organizations, demonstrated at the entrance to Jerusalem, blocking the entrance to the center of the city. “We come to protest against the injustice that has been committed and we demand the immediate release of Yehiel,” read a poster calling on Israelis to take part in the demonstration.

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