JDD Crisis Sparks Call for New Seventh-Day Paper

The writer and former journalist of “Liberation” wants the creation of a new newspaper to be published on Sundays, with a moderate and tolerant editorial line.

“I read Liberation and Le Monde every day and I sometimes read a newspaper on Sundays. I have kept away from editorial offices for a good ten years and few of their echoes reach me today. I was not a faithful enough reader of the JDD to feel a real lack since it no longer appeared. But all the same.

“Here is a rather moderate and legitimist newspaper, which has never had the slightest inclination to overturn the slightest table, and whose editorial staff has been unanimously rearing up for five or six weeks to reject an editor of the extreme right, of a right extreme enough for an extreme right weekly to separate from it because of extremism that is a little too extreme.

“The skills of this young man are hardly put forward to justify his appointment, more probably due to his ideological proximity to the future owner of the newspaper who is already pulling all the strings and does not hesitate to send the future former owner to take its place the wrath of the strikers.

“In short, we have here a situation that my naivety deems opportune enough to create at a lower cost a seventh-day daily newspaper, professional, secular and tolerant:

– an editorial team motivated and united by the same code of ethics.

– professional writing that has proven itself over the past few decades.

– employers who wish to get rid of the protesters by opening up an enticing “departure window” for them, pending the compensation due for the conscience or transfer clause.

– advertisers who may be reluctant to increase the fortune of a billionaire.

– readers vaguely frustrated with their Sunday habits.

“A Sunday newspaper needs cuckoo clock logistics, squatting on Saturdays in the premises and equipment of a daily that does not appear on Sundays (Liberation, Le Monde, Le Figaro, la Croix, l’Opinion, etc.)

“The profession would be honored by actively participating in the creation of this seventh-day newspaper, for an investment that I do not know how to quantify. And thus solve many questions:

– The social question of this heavy strike at the JDD.

– The question of the authority of capital over journalistic content. And pull the rug out from under the arrogant investor, leaving him only the market of his followers.

– The issue of the lack of written information outside of extreme ideology on Sundays.

– And the question: “Who do you think you are giving lessons when you know nothing about it?”

Indeed, I do not know how we could go about it, but I hope that skills will take hold of this idea to make it viable.

Thank you for your attention and to one of these “Sunday mornings” (that would be a good title, right?)»

This article is originally published on .liberation.fr

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