Jordan Bardella Seeks Referendum: Immigration Policy

The RN leader, who is due to meet Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday, wants to ask him to organize a referendum on the migration issue.

They are due to meet on Wednesday August 30. The President of the National Rally and all the parties represented in Parliament will be received by the President of the Republic on Wednesday at the Maison de l’éducation de la Légion d’honneur in Saint-Denis. Jordan Bardella already has several questions to ask the Head of State. One of them is about immigration. Jordan Bardella indeed wants to ask for a referendum on this subject.

He even already has the date of the election in mind: June 9, 2024, European election day. “The urgency of the situation calls for a consultation of the French people […] on our immigration policy, containing all the measures to regain control of it”, notes the leader of the far-right party in a letter addressed to the leader of State, relayed by Le Parisien.

Purchasing power and education

Jordan Bardella also wants to question the president about the purchasing power of the French. He wishes, on this subject, to ask for a “moratorium on any increase in taxes and duties” until 2027, the end of the five-year term. But also a “lower energy bills and fuel prices, the tax exemption of wage increases of up to 10%, and the abolition of the CVAE (contribution on the added value of companies) in order to encourage reindustrialization”. The last point addressed in this missive concerns education. The RN leader calls for an “overhaul of school programs emphasizing a high mastery of fundamental learning, the French language, science and the history of the Nation”.

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