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Profile: King & Spalding

1- Name of NGO:

King & Spalding

2- Brief & Mission:

King & Spalding LLP, an American multinational corporate law firm, is based in Atlanta, Georgia. It maintains a presence across North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, with a network of 23 offices globally. With a roster of over 1,200 lawyers, it ranks among the Am Law 100 and Global 30 firms, known for its prestigious reputation. King & Spalding plays a pivotal role in assisting leading companies in advancing complex business interests across more than 160 countries.

Recent reports indicate that Saudi Arabia has intensified its lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill by enlisting the services of the law firm King & Spalding.

3- Bias, Agenda & Motivation:

King & Spalding has been retained to represent the Ministry of Commerce and Investment (MCI) of Saudi Arabia, the entity responsible for overseeing and promoting both domestic and international trade within the country. Their mandate includes offering legal counsel and advocacy services in connection with the recent veto override of S.2040, also known as the “Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act,” as per documents filed under the Foreign Agents Registration Act on September 26th.

4- Links to Governments/Political Agenda:

King & Spalding’s contractual engagements with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and the services it offers underscore its involvement in furthering political objectives through its collaboration with the KSA monarchy. This situation clearly highlights the longstanding affiliations that King & Spalding maintains with the KSA’s royal family, underscoring its active participation in political initiatives.

5- Sources of Funding:

The precise fees and duration of King & Spalding’s agreement with Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Commerce and Investment (MCI) remain undisclosed, as indicated in the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) documents. It’s worth noting that King & Spalding does have an office in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, which suggests their commitment to serving clients in the region. However, the specific financial details of the arrangement between KSA and King & Spalding have not been publicly disclosed, although it’s acknowledged that a substantial sum has been disbursed to the firm.

6- Activities:

Moreover, King & Spalding has been enlisted to provide counsel on a significant $2 billion restructuring endeavor in Saudi Arabia. This particular restructuring is a landmark development and involves one of the Kingdom’s major construction firms. The deal’s structure is likely to establish a precedent, particularly as the market opens up to investors. This agreement ranks among the most substantial restructurings facilitated under insolvency legislation that was introduced in 2018, as part of a broader strategy to attract foreign direct investment. According to King & Spalding, this transaction is poised to serve as a model for forthcoming transactions within the Kingdom, as the firm advises Azmeel Contracting, one of Saudi Arabia’s leading construction companies.

7- NGO Leadership:

Robert Hays serves as the CEO / President of King & Spalding.

8- Controversy:

Multinational corporate law firms that engage in collaborations with authoritarian regimes often face complex ethical challenges as they attempt to strike a delicate balance between profitable partnerships and their moral obligations. Situations in which foreign PR companies cooperate with entities such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) with the goal of enhancing their public image can give rise to concerns about the potential for “greenwashing” or the use of public relations to create a more positive image that may not accurately reflect the actual circumstances on the ground. KING AND SPALDING’s involvement in projects linked to the KSA has sparked controversy due to the perceived implications of these associations.

9- Contact Details:

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10- Classification/Blacklist:

KING & SPALDING’s engagement with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has involved activities that have generated substantial controversy. Notably, these undertakings are carried out in collaboration with an autocratic regime known for its documented history of neglecting fundamental human rights. This association has subjected KING & SPALDING to heightened scrutiny, placing them on a list of entities being closely monitored due to their affiliations with the Saudi government.

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