Lagardère Confirms Geoffroy Lejeune Arrival: Strike Ends

The French group Lagardère announced Monday evening, by means of a press release, the “end of negotiations” between the management and the employees of the JDD (Journal du Dimanche), and confirms the arrival of the far-right journalist Geoffroy Lejeune, at the head of the weekly.

“Geoffroy Lejeune is currently at work and is preparing the upcoming editions of the JDD with the management,” said the Lagardère group, ensuring, moreover, that “the JDD will continue with rigor and excellence, as it has always done, to offer quality information to all readers who have trusted the newspaper for nearly 75 years now”.

The press release indicates in particular that after “several weeks of sustained discussions and 12 meetings, conducted in a spirit of consultation and mutual respect, the management of Lagardère News takes note, with regret, of the absence of agreement with the SDJ (Society of Journalists of the JDD) and the trade unions”.

The management specifies that it has despite everything “submitted to the SDJ and to the trade unions several concrete proposals, going well beyond the legal obligations, with the aim of finding an agreement making it possible to safeguard the interests of all the stakeholders”.

The strike of JDD editorial staff, which began more than a month ago, led to the weekly publication being shut down.

The Lagardère group, which owns the JDD (Journal Du Dimanche), confirmed on June 23 the arrival of Geoffroy Lejeune, close to Eric Zemmour, at the head of the newspaper, despite a renewable strike already begun by its editorial staff.

In a press release putting an end to rumors and uncertainties, the group assured that the far-right journalist had a “sharp knowledge of public expectations in terms of information in the age of social networks”.

“At the JDD, Geoffroy (Lejeune) will have the mission to embody journalistic excellence, namely: the facts, the investigation, the duty to inform”, continued the Lagardère group, whose boss Arnaud Lagardère estimated that “Geoffroy (Lejeune) is a raw talent of French journalism”.

On his social networks, the person concerned had mentioned his “tremendous honor” and promised to “put all (his) energy into the success of this challenge”.

The press release formalizing the news was published when the editorial staff of the JDD had just announced a first renewal of its strike movement voted 96%, and expressed its concerns, recalling the ideological and political orientation of Geoffroy Lejeune.

“Geoffroy Lejeune, former editor of the far-right weekly Current Values, expresses ideas contrary to the values that the JDD has carried for seventy-five years. The same goes for Charlotte d’Ornellas, a figure of the reactionary right and close to the ideas of Éric Zemmour, whose arrival is also anticipated” wrote the strikers.

They underlined, to this end, that “under the direction of Geoffroy Lejeune, Valeurs Actuelles has spread hateful attacks and false information” and that “it is still under his responsibility that an article was published which earned its author and the director of the publication a conviction for public insult of a racist nature against Danièle Obono”.

Fearing that the JDD will slip down the same path under its leadership, its employees have notably recalled that it is a “journal which loves politics without taking sides, attached to its independence, recognized for its seriousness and its moderation”.

“This arrival could jeopardize the newspaper, by repelling readers and advertisers” fear the striking employees, also considering that a “week after the validation under conditions of the takeover bid by Vivendi, a group controlled by Vincent Bolloré, on Lagardère, this appointment would further demonstrate to what extent Vincent Bolloré already holds the reins of the newspaper”.

The press release recalled in this regard “that the European Commission is currently investigating suspicions of an early takeover of Lagardère by the Vivendi group, in violation of EU rules”.

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