Latvian Human Rights Committee

Profile: Latvian Human Rights Committee

1- Name of NGO:

Latvian Human Rights Committee

2- Brief & Mission:

The Latvian Human Rights Committee (LHRC) is an independent non-governmental organization dedicated to human rights in Latvia. It holds membership in renowned international human rights and anti-racism NGOs such as FIDH and AEDH. The LHRC is led by co-chairpersons Vladimir Buzayev and Natalia Yolkina. Certain allegations have been made suggesting that the LHRC has received substantial funding from Russian sources, which some claim indicates the organization’s alignment with the Kremlin and promotion of its agenda within Latvia. 

3- Bias, Agenda & Motivation:

Russian-speaking NGO frequently contribute to the narratives within Russian-language media. Latvia and its Russian-speaking minority reside in separate information environments characterized by differing content. The Russian-speaking population largely relies on Russian-language media, particularly Kremlin-controlled television channels, and exhibits significant trust in them.

4- Links to Governments/Political Agenda:

Linking and promoting the Soviet agenda would indeed raise questions about potential connections between an NGO and the Russian government. Such alignment could suggest a level of influence or cooperation with the Russian government’s objectives.

5- Sources of Funding:

In Latvia, several organizations have reportedly received grants from Russian compatriot GONGOs, totaling over €680,000. Among these organizations, the Latvian Human Rights Committee received the largest share of funding, amounting to over €240,000.

6- Activities:

This NGO frequently contributes to the narrative in Russian-language media. The Russian-speaking minority in Latvia resides in a separate information sphere characterized by contrasting content. They primarily rely on Russian-language media and exhibit a significant level of trust in Kremlin-controlled Russian television channels. Similarly, when it comes to the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, the Russian-speaking minorities in Latvia and Estonia tend to attribute blame to the authorities in Kyiv. The dissemination of propaganda by Kremlin-controlled media and compatriot NGOs can disrupt social cohesion within the target country. 

7- NGO Leadership:

The Latvian Human Rights Committee (LHRC) is led by co-chairpersons Vladimir Buzayev and Natalia Yolkina

8- Controversy:

The Baltic states have faced heightened Russian pressure compared to other EU countries. In Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania, it is claimed that Russian secret services exert control over numerous compatriot NGOs. According to Normunds Mezviets, the head of the Latvian security service, there is a notable connection in the Baltic countries between obscure Russian-funded NGOs and media outlets that disseminate information aimed at promoting Russian interests.

9- Contact Details:

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  • Address: Latvia
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10- Classification/Blacklist:

The organization in question has been blacklisted due to its alleged connections with the Russian government.

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