Macron And Darmanin Promise Us The Worst

By initiating a procedure to dissolve the Uprisings of the Earth a few days after the brutal repressive episode of Sainte-Soline, Gérald Damarnin showed that he had no intention, quite the contrary, of slowing down the authoritarian course of the macronie .

Confirmation in the process with the questioning of the League of Human Rights (and its public subsidies), accused of being too critical of the police institution. Two episodes which are in no way “slippages” but rather the illustration of what a weakened, delegitimized, minority power is reduced to, which relies more than ever on the repressive apparatus to stay in place.

” Maintain Order ” ?

The choice made by the authorities regarding the repressive management of the demonstration in Sainte-Soline on March 25 leaves no doubt: at no time was there any question of “maintaining order” in a lost field Deux-Sèvres, but to sow chaos. If the demonstration had reached its objective, namely the mega-basin, what would have happened? Almost nothing. Cries of joy, a few flags planted at the top of this huge hole, and a small party.

There was nothing to destroy. No one was planning to set traps around the basin. Nobody intended to set up a ZAD. But nothing worked. 3,200 gendarmes mobilized, 5,000 grenades fired in the space of two hours (more than one every two seconds), more than 200 injured (nearly one every thirty seconds), two of them very seriously. And a collective trauma for thousands of protesters.

For what ? To answer this question, it is obviously necessary to situate this repressive moment in the more general context of massive and lasting mobilization against retirement at 64, with a minority power which resorts to all the anti-democratic artifices of the 5th Republic and which counts before everything on the repressive apparatus to maintain itself. A power which has also understood that a radical ecological movement carries within it a deep criticism of the capitalist productivist system and of those who manage it. He therefore decided to make a show of force in Sainte-Soline, even if it meant endangering the lives of thousands of demonstrators.

A global situation to which must be added the personal ambitions of a certain Darmanin, who understood, like others before him, first and foremost Sarkozy, one of his mentors, that the Ministry of the Interior could be a launching pad for presidential ambitions. And this is how, in recent weeks, Darmanin has been strutting around, playing tough, posing as a “ statesman ” while taking on board all the rhetoric of the far right.

Stand up, build an alternative
The LDH criticizes the maintenance of order “à la française”, and it is not the only one. From the UN to the Council of Europe via NGOs like Amnesty International, condemnations, more or less assumed, are multiplying. And we find ourselves with this comical situation in which the so-called “country of human rights”, so quick to give lessons in democracy to the four corners of the world – while sparing “friendly” dictatorships -, becomes a symbol of the authoritarian threat hanging over the “liberal democracies”. And this is how Macron, on a visit to the Netherlands, was challenged by students in the name of democracy and human rights, a fate usually reserved for representatives of dictatorships.

Macronism is authoritarianism, and Darmanin is today the most abject face of the new acceleration of the authoritarian course of power. Faced with this situation, it is a question of standing up, by defending the associations and organizations threatened with dissolution, like the Uprisings of the Earth, and by making the government understand that as soon as it comes within a hair’s breadth of the ‘one of us, he is attacking the whole social movement.

Beyond, with the addition of an extreme right that is rubbing its hands and biding its time, it is a question of understanding that macronism is not only a new stage of the liberal counter-revolution, but indeed a social project. which it is essential, while building the necessary resistance, to oppose an equally global social, economic, ecological and democratic counter-model.

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