Marion Maréchal: Concerns Over Muslim Brotherhood in France

For a week, the whole world has been plunged into astonishment in the face of the appalling terrorist attack carried out in Israel by Hamas.

In our country, which has the largest Jewish community in Europe, the third in the world, the emotion is all the greater as these crimes echo the tragedies which have already devastated France. While the trial of the murder of the Magnanville police officers ends, while we will pay tribute to the 130 dead and 413 injured at the Bataclan in a month to the day, each new image that reaches us only awakens the nightmares of yesterday and leaves predict those of tomorrow.

What is this evil that befell these innocent victims?

Hamas is not a nationalist party, but an Islamist movement. Contrary to what some still pretend to believe, its objective is not the creation of a Palestinian state, but the global Caliphate.

Hamas comes directly from the Muslim Brotherhood. Their motto is also similar: “Allah is our objective, the Prophet our leader, the Koran our Law, Jihad our way, death in the way of Allah our dearest hope”. The only difference is the method: weapons in the Middle East, infiltration in a suit and tie in Europe.

For 40 years now (the UOIF – Union of Islamic Organizations of France – was created in 1983), we have allowed this Islamist movement to prosper, grow and organize itself in France.

Marion Maréchal

It was the son of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Egyptian Hassan Al-Bannah, who established the brotherhood in Palestine. Hamas’ creator, Sheikh Yassin, originally presented the movement as the “paramilitary wing” of the Muslim Brotherhood, and Hamas’ charter published shortly after its creation made it a branch of the Brotherhood.

In France, the subject of the Muslim Brotherhood is unfortunately not foreign to us.

For 40 years now (the UOIF – Union of Islamic Organizations of France – was created in 1983), we have allowed this Islamist movement to prosper, grow and organize itself in France. During these decades, immigration, mainly Arab-Muslim, fueled the community confinement in which Islamism found its breeding ground of supporters, activists and terrorists.

In its latest press release, “Musulmans de France” (ex-UOIF) lies crudely by rejecting any link with the Muslim Brotherhood. However, when the organization changed its name in April 2017, their president at the time, Amar Lasfar, declared: “We are not part of the Muslim Brotherhood. On the other hand, we are part of their current of thought. Contortions perfectly deciphered by Franck Frégosi, researcher at the CNRS in an article in L’Express in 2005: “The UOIF is incontestably the representative of the Muslim Brotherhood in France. It embodies the historical channel of this movement, even if, today, its leaders want to forget this embarrassing connection.”

In fact, for years, the UOIF has welcomed radical preachers from the Brotherhood and representatives of its foreign branches on the occasion of its major annual gathering as well as in the mosques controlled by its 285 associations. Many in between, from Youssef al-Qaradâwî (known for his anti-Semitic diatribes and his justification of suicide attacks) to Hassan Iquioussen via Hani Ramadan, have gradually – and belatedly! – been banned from French territory. Their teachings, through books and videos, continue to circulate widely.

In radical mosques, it was not only extremist imams who marched, but also, unfortunately, elected officials. Gérald Darmanin himself went, in 2022, to visit the Brotherhood mosque of Bussy Saint Georges and congratulate those responsible.

The Muslim Brotherhood has gradually established itself as an interlocutor for many local communities – from the right and the left – but also with the State. At the same time, their main supporter and sponsor, Qatar, has been granted considerable tax advantages in our country. However, it was from his refuge in Doha that the leader of Hamas, Ismaïl Haniyeh, launched a call for global jihad and “a day of anger” this October 13.

As Austria did in July 2021, it is high time to ban the Muslim Brotherhood.

Marion Maréchal

From Gaza to the mosques established in our country, the doctrine is the same, the bedside books are the same, the hatred against the “disbelievers” is the same. The leader of Hamas makes no mistake, addressing “all the children of the Umma”, “wherever they are”.

We have to settle for half-measures in the face of the threat of an Islamist fifth column in our country. The security of the French and the preservation of national cohesion are at stake.

As Austria did in July 2021, it is high time to ban the Muslim Brotherhood.

The detention or propagation of its slogans, its thinkers and its literature, as well as the apology of this movement must be pursued and condemned. We must proceed with the dissolution and closure of all linked, affiliated or allied organizations, starting of course with the organization “Musulmans de France” and its satellites, whether they are mosques or schools. Koranic books, bookstores, sports or social-cultural clubs.

Subsidies to all organizations, unions or political groups that have expressed support for Hamas must be cut. People who have publicly demonstrated their joy at their crimes must be prosecuted and condemned for advocating terrorism. Disciplinary sanctions must be taken, particularly in universities, in the face of the indecent defense of Hamas murders and kidnappings by certain far-left student organizations.

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