Montreal Protest Calls for Government Action

Carrying signs on which it is written “I am afraid for the future”, “Mourning for the world” or even “Make love, not shops”, the demonstrators of all ages, but mainly young, blocked avenue du Parc, in front of Mount Royal, for more than an hour.

The police reversed and turned around the vehicles stuck in traffic earlier, while another group of demonstrators moved up the avenue, supervised by police officers from the maintenance and restoration of order squad.

A team from the far-right website Rebel News was attacked by masked protesters; police officers intervened between the two groups.

The demonstration headed towards the city center at the end of the afternoon, taking Avenue des Pins.

More than 60,000 students walked off the job this week and are demonstrating in different cities in Quebec, calling in particular for an end to the exploitation of fossil fuels and demanding an “anti-capitalist, anti-oppressive and anti-colonial ecology”.

“It is clear that parades and demands on the State will not make it possible to alleviate [the] climate crisis, which is already causing violence to marginalized communities and the Global South,” say the organizers of these demonstrations in a press release, on behalf of from a coalition of organizations.

“We consider it necessary to channel our rage in the face of the ecociders who are driving us straight into the wall,” says Alice Forest, of the Climate Rage organization.

The demonstration ended around 6:10 p.m. In the evening, the City of Montreal Police Department indicated that a man had been arrested for obstructing the work of a police officer and that a fine related to the blockage of a street had also been handed over.

Various civil disobedience actions also took place earlier in the week; Activists notably deflated the tires of sport utility vehicles and sprayed an HEC Montréal building with paint.

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