National Front

Profile: National Front (now known as National Rally)

1- Name of NGO/Party:

National Front (now known as National Rally)

2- Brief & Mission:

The National Rally until 2018 known as the National Front is a political party in France. The National Front, founded in 1972 by Jean-Marie Le Pen and now led by Marine Le Pen, promotes a nationalist and populist agenda. It seeks to address what it perceives as threats to French identity, culture, and sovereignty. The party has a history of anti-immigration rhetoric , anti-Semitism and has expressed concerns about Islam’s influence in France..The National Rally party is concerned that immigration will bring Islam into France and therefore pose a danger to French society. Party attributes the terrorism in Europe to Muslim’s entering France.

3- Bias, Agenda & Motivation:

National Rally hold a strong bias against Muslim immigrants and view them as invaders who pose a threat to France.Throughout its history, the party has been dominated by the Le Pen family, especially Jean-Marie Le Pen, a Holocaust denier and apologist of French colonialism, and his daughter, Marine Le Pen, who advocates religious discrimination against Muslims, immigrants, and migrants. Islamophobia is evident in Le Pen’s commentary regarding Muslims coming into France. Critics argue that the party’s rhetoric and policies contribute to Islamophobia and the stigmatization of Muslims in France. The party’s agenda centers around nationalist and anti-immigration policies. It has raised concerns about the perceived Islamization of France and advocates for stricter immigration controls, including limits on the construction of mosques and restrictions on religious practices.

4- Links to Governments/Political Agenda:

The National Front/National Rally has sought to gain political influence and has had members elected to various positions, including the European Parliament. While the party has not directly formed a government, it has played a significant role in shaping right-wing political discourse in France.

5- Sources of Funding:

The party relies on different sources of funding, including membership dues, donations from supporters, and public funding allocated to political parties in France. Some reports have also raised questions about the party’s financial transparency and potential loans from foreign banks

6- Activities:

From the beginning of the 21st century, National Rally has pushed anti-Muslim rhetoric and policies during elections and trans-European party coalition-building. The party engages in various activities, including electoral campaigns, public rallies, and policy advocacy. It promotes its nationalist anti-immigration, Islamophoic agenda through media appearances, party publications, and social media. National Rally conducts campaigns on national issues of immigration, law and order, and anti-terrorism, with a particular focus on Islam and Muslims. National Rally’s proposed “anti-Islamist” bill in 2021. The leader of the National Rally party often aims to ban the veil or the headscarf worn by Muslim females. Party claimed that French Muslims, primarily referring to those of North African heritage, are strengthened demographically both by natural reproduction and by immigration, which reinforces their stubborn ethnic segregation, their domineering nature.

7- Party Leadership:

Jordan Bardella is a French politician who has been the president of the National Rally since 2022. MARINE LE PEN is President of the RN group at the National Assembly. DAVID RACLINE is the 2nd Vice President of National Rally. Louis Aliot, a vice president of the party and former partner of Marine Le Pen.

8- Controversy:

The National Front/National Rally has been at the center of controversies surrounding Islamophobia. The party’s leaders and members have made statements that critics consider inflammatory and discriminatory towards Muslims. In December 2007, National Rally filed an appeal in the administrative court against the construction of a Grand Mosque in Marseilles, which is home to approximately 250,000 Muslims. These controversies have often led to public debates and legal actions. In December 2015, Marine Le Pen was accused of the charge of  “inciting discrimination, violence or hatred toward a group of people based on their religious beliefs” for comments she made in 2010 at a campaign event that likened Nazi occupation to Muslim congregational street prayers. 

9- Contact Details:

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10- Classification/Blacklist:

The National Rally has not been officially classified or blacklisted by any specific organization. However, its far-right ideology and controversial activities have led to widespread criticism and opposition from various civil rights groups and individuals concerned with promoting tolerance, inclusivity, and multiculturalism.

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