Neo-Nazi Group Raids in Germany

German police carried out searches on Wednesday morning at the homes of 39 members of the neo-Nazi organization die Artgemeinschaft, banned by Interior Minister Nancy Faeser.

The searches were carried out in 26 homes of 39 members as well as in organization buildings in 12 states. Property of the group was seized and evidence was recovered.

According to the Interior Ministry, die Artgemeinschaft, which has existed since 1951, “is opposed to the idea of understanding between peoples and to the ‘constitutional order.'” In a press release, Ms. Faeser called the “sectarian, highly racist and anti-Semitic” organization.

Authorities have been preparing to ban the group for more than a year. The conclusions of the Verfassungsschutz, the German domestic intelligence service, were decisive.

The decision was also made in view of the best interests of the child, explained Ms. Faeser. “This far-right group attempted to attract new enemies of the Constitution by indoctrinating children and young people in a disgusting manner.”

According to public channels NDR and WDR, citing the authorities, the organization has 300 members, around 40 of whom are part of the hard core. These are mainly married couples and their children, raised according to “pagan” and “Germanic” customs. The organization has eight regional “fellowships” and “circles of friends.”

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