Nicolas Sarkozy Discusses French Societal Challenges at 8 p.m.

The former President of the Republic caused controversy with his new book “Le Temps des combats” by evoking the war in Ukraine and by positioning himself against the entry of Kiev into NATO and the European Union. Asked about this question by Gilles Bouleau, Nicolas Sarkozy first recalled that he himself had been “very brutally confronted with Putin” trying to negotiate with the Russian president during “eight hours of extremely violent discussion” leading to the withdrawal of the Russian tanks from Georgia:

“I know he is guilty today in Ukraine,” he said, believing that the war could only be won in two ways: “either you annihilate the adversary or you negotiate”. Nicolas Sarkozy then militates to “find a solution which preserves the interests of Ukraine, but which makes people understand that Russia will not move, Putin or not Putin”. And to add: “The question of bringing Ukraine into NATO will only aggravate the situation”. “They say that Putin is Hitler, in this case you have to go find him in Moscow! »

Regarding France and the problem of immigration, Nicolas Sarkozy believes: “The migration crisis has not started, the worst is yet to come because Europe is in demographic decline, unlike Africa. Our destinies are linked “, we must help the development of Africa. Immigration cannot continue like this, we must install treatment centers in Africa. This is a major subject that causes a lot of concern among the French.”

“In France, today, we can’t talk about anything. You say the word immigration, you are a racist. You say: there is a problem in the suburbs, you are on the far right”, denounced Nicolas Sarkozy .

Regarding the National Rally “which it has always fought”, he considers that it “is unbearable to reproach the National Rally for not being within the framework of the Republic. I do not like this systematic trial of the extreme right , the illegitimacy trial seems unfair and insulting to the millions of people who vote for Marine Le Pen.”

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