Nicolas Sarkozy’s Call: Uniting Right from Zemmour to Macron

A call that does not go unnoticed. Nicolas Sarkozy pleads, in an interview with Le Parisien published in the edition of this Sunday August 28, for a “gathering” on the right with a view to 2027. But the former head of state pushed the reasoning already expressed a few days later. early on the set of the 20 Hours of TF1.

For Nicolas Sarkozy, it is indeed necessary to “find a leader who is able to bring together” the supporters of “Zemmour, Macron and Ciotti”. “Without a rally, the right has no chance of winning,” said the former President of the Republic, recalling that his “majority, at the time, ranged from Bernard Kouchner to Philippe de Villiers”.

About the putative candidates for the 2027 presidential election, “there is a platoon with a certain number of quality personalities – Gérald Darmanin, Bruno Le Maire, Édouard Philippe, Laurent Wauquiez – who can apply”, notes the loser of 2012.

But, he says about the president of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, “if you want to win Roland-Garros and you are in the final, it is not by playing small arms that you will succeed”. An arrow directly addressed to the former head of LR, who does not hide his ambitions for 2027 while maintaining remarkable discretion for several months.

“If you want to become President of the Republic, you have to take risks. One thing is certain, if you calculate small, you will fail”, continues Nicolas Sarkozy, considering that “a real leader must be built in combat, he is not someone who is taken by the hand and who we say: “It will be you”. »
“I have my little idea”
This proposal for a “gathering” on the right is reacting on the right as well as on the left. Explicitly quoted by the President of the Republic, Éric Zemmour replied ironically to the words of Nicolas Sarkozy. “I have my little idea…”, replies the head of Reconquête! in the blink of an eye by sharing an article devoted to the exit of the former head of state.

A much less enthusiastic reaction from Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who had already warned of the “junction of the right and the far right” in view of the 2027 presidential election. ‘after Macron,’ writes the former boss of the rebellious.

“The powerful in full radicalization. Willing to do anything to preserve their interests. Ready to give power to the far right, as long as it serves their interests, ”reacts rebellious deputy Damien Maudet.

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