Practical Measures For Immigration Control: The Agora Perspective

The leitmotif of our elites regarding the issue of immigration in France seems to be: above all, do not question the population on the subject, because it is not intelligent enough to debate and reasonably propose solutions. A leitmotif that can be found almost everywhere in the West, imposed by a political caste which has been reproduced for several decades, and which has made immigration both a weapon and an ultimate taboo… immigration which is nevertheless clearly changing the ethnic face of Europe.

Yes, we have to talk about a change of ethnic face, unlike those cowards on the right who refuse to mention this aspect: We really don’t care about the question of labor immigration, or those extra-European immigrants should be brought in en masse to serve retired boomers. Or even to revive a European demography at half mast. All excuses, all pretexts are good for opening our doors wide. But there comes a time when you just have to say: Nonsense. We simply want Europe to remain Europe, that is to say a continent predominantly of white race and Christian culture.

And that is what millions of citizens are calling for election after election. They do not say it openly, they can no longer do so under pain of anathemas, lynchings and even trials. But they don’t think less. They want to live in a country mainly between whites (this is also why many have loved Brittany so far…preserved from what we see in Ile de France or Marseille…) while being safe everywhere. They are fed up with feeling that they are gradually becoming a minority on the land of their ancestors. They make it known.

Even in what is called the “extreme right” or “dissidence”, including in the new media or on very fashionable TV shows, columnists, journalists, however, never or rarely dare to cross this Rubicon. They still believe in the Republican myth. They fanatically think that a country in Europe where there are more than 50% blacks or Asians would still be their country. They refuse the ethnic question and suddenly, are swept away by their opponents since the refusal (or the legal impossibility) to evoke this question quickly destroys any argument on the question of immigration (if one does not claim to defend the dominance ethnicity of a population on a given continent, so why claim to want to fight immigration? For what valid reason?).

However, this is where a lot of things rest, in large part. The ethnic preservation of Europe. And to preserve it, whatever our opinion makers and the tyrants who prevent all freedom of expression in this country think, there are solutions, quick and radical, to succeed in stopping the migratory flows, whatever be it the consequences for the countries of origin. It’s not our business. This is the principle of a nation, a civilization and its borders: its leaders are supposed to govern for their people, and should not worry about what happens on the other side.

What measures would appease the citizens of this country, regarding immigration? A few answers.

Empty the prisons of all foreign offenders. To deprive of nationality those who have obtained it and who are guilty of an act that led them to prison.
Reorganize the police and gendarmerie forces, so that the main mission is, for 6 months, no longer to carry out road control operations, or “prevention” on this or that societal fad. But to identify, arrest, and expel, under the authority not of judges, but of the government via validation by the people (referendum) all immigrants in an irregular situation on French territory. No paper? Detention center immediately – also working to improve living conditions in these centers – then deportation as soon as possible.
Deployment, at the borders of the country, or of Europe, of the army, including at sea, with the mission of physically liquidating all those who finance and organize immigration from Africa and Asia and/ or who collaborate with the new slave traders. Mission also of rescue at sea of candidates for exile, with the aim of bringing them back safe and sound to the shores of their continent of origin. Prohibition for any NGO to fulfill this mission now fulfilled by the European armies, jointly.
Abolish jus soli. And cancel, retroactively (and again by referendum via a specific question on the subject), all automatic attributions of nationality or naturalizations for 30 years.
Authorize ethnic and religious statistics, for all INSEE surveys and for all aspects of public life in the country.
Set up, with the countries of origin, a major assistance program for return and resettlement in the lands of origin. Objective: to lead to the massive departure of non-Europeans to their continents of origin, with the aim of contributing to the development and wealth of these continents. The program will have to be financed jointly with the countries of origin, in particular through development aid, but also the possible attribution of regulated tourist, study or work visas.
So the eternals who have plagued the country for ages will explain to you that it is not possible, that there are treaties, laws which frame this or that. You will notice, moreover, that these are the same people who puff out their chests and click their heels at the mere mention of the word “De Gaulle” or “Napoleon” or some other characters in history who frankly did not care about the treaties in force in their time, nor laws.

Treaties, laws, are made to be repealed, if they don’t agree, that’s all. When you pride yourself on being a world power, you can, like the USA or Turkey, or Russia, or China for that matter, do what you want and act in result. Today, if there is no consultation of the people on the question of immigration, it is because power is confiscated both in Paris by the poorly elected, associations and judges, and in Brussels by technocrats. All of this must be brushed aside with a wave of the hand, with a snap of the finger. Before after.

Ditto for all international agreements. Ditto for all the economic pressures of such and such new emerging countries, which have made their fortune thanks to petrodollars. Who seriously thinks that Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates or Qatar can stand up to Europe militarily if we decide to manfully settle the program of foreign interference in our current affairs? It is only out of cowardice, out of hatred for ourselves, that our leaders have made us, in less than a century, the colonies of our colonies, the doormats of those who once prostrated themselves before European civilization.

Cowardice, renunciation, hypocrisy, are not ends in themselves in politics. There are concrete solutions that exist to save European civilization from a migratory apocalypse that is currently promised to it. It is still necessary that those who claim to have an important place in the life of the city monopolize them. And act. Fast.

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