Inciting Anti Muslim Rhetoric

Profile: Riposte Laïque (Secular Response)

1- Name of NGO:

Riposte Laïque (English: Secular Response)

2- Brief & Mission:

Riposte Laïque, founded in 2007, is a French anti-Muslim organization. It presents itself as a defender of secularism in France, emphasizing the preservation of French cultural identity and advocating for stricter immigration policies against muslims of france. The site devotes most of its articles to openly declared Islamophobia 

Riposte Laïque accuses Muslims of contributing to the Islamization of their country. The organization claims to uphold secular and republican principles, aiming to unite both left and right-wing patriots who oppose what they perceive as the Islamization of their country. Riposte Laïque’s activities and rhetoric have frequently focused on criticizing and targeting Muslim communities in France

The website publishes articles, opinion pieces, and editorials that propagate anti-Islamic sentiments and negative stereotypes about Muslims.

3- Bias, Agenda & Motivation:

The website is widely regarded as having a strong anti-Muslim bias and often promotes negative stereotypes about Islam and Muslims. Riposte Laïque seeks to influence public opinion and policy debates in France by promoting anti-Islamic sentiments and advocating for a more restrictive approach to immigration and multiculturalism.

Its agenda includes promoting hate speech and contributing to the stigmatization of Muslims in France. Website considers Islam a mortal danger to French values. Website alleges a complicit silence from both the left and the right regarding what it sees as a mortal danger to French values.

4- Links to Governments/Political Agenda:

There is no direct evidence linking Riposte Laïque to any specific government or political agenda. However, Their official ideological line is that they are a ‘secular left-wing’ group, fighting for ‘secular’ and ‘French’ values and identity. However, Pierre Cassen, Founding member, justifies their many affiliations with extreme-right groups, such as the Front National or Bloc Identitaire by stating that they are the only ones that understand the ‘menace’ ahead of them: the ‘Islamification of France’. 

5- Sources of Funding:

Regarding the website’s funding sources, they are not publicly disclosed, making it difficult to provide specific information about its financial backing. However, the website appeals for donations from readers.

6- Activities:

Riposte Laïque publishes articles, opinion pieces, and editorials that predominantly focus on criticizing Islam, multiculturalism, and immigration policies. It also organizes events and  protests, particularly in areas with a significant Muslim population, to express its opposition to muslims community.

In October 2009 , Riposte laïque denounced the weekly holding, on the public highway, of Muslim prayers in the Goutte-d’Or district in Paris, which according to it are not authorized and labeled it muslim invasion of france. In 2010 the organization planned a sausage-and-wine appetizer in an ethnically diverse borough of Paris. The leader Christine Tasin justified it by stating she was ‘reclaiming a street that was taken illegally’ from the ‘French people’. She clearly wanted to shock the Muslim population living there, as it is not within their general practice to eat on the porch or to drink alcohol. Moreover, she claimed this action was a symbolic defense against the ‘Islamic offensive’. The group also called for rallies across France on 18 January 2015, under the slogan ‘Islamists get out of France’.

7- NGO Leadership:

Pierre Cassen is a founding member, editor-in-chief and co-chairs Riposte laïque from September 8, 2007, he was also active in the French Communist Party. Christine Tasin also co-chaired Riposte laïque from September 21, 2007. Although she remains a regular contributor to Riposte laïque. The current editorial director of Riposte laïque is Guy Sebag and located in Israel.

8- Controversy:

The website has been involved in several controversies due to its provocative and inflammatory content. Legal actions and complaints have been filed against the website in the past. The group’s activities, such as the distribution of discriminatory pamphlets and organizing protests that have turned violent, have drawn criticism from civil rights organizations and the broader public.

Legal proceedings:

Two of the leaders of Riposte laïque , Pierre Cassen and Pascal Hilout, were sentenced by the Paris Criminal Court to fines for incitement to hatred against Muslims in march 2012

Christine Tasin was also sentenced by the courts following a complaint by the Coordination Committee against Racism and Islamophobia for “incitement to racial hatred”. The court condemned her to a fine of € 3,000  for remarks made in 2013 on the sidelines of the Eid el-Kebir celebration and in particular for having declared.

9- Contact Details:

  • Website:
  • Address: France
  • Email:

10- Classification/Blacklist:

Riposte Laïque has not been officially classified or blacklisted by any specific organization. However, its far-right ideology and controversial activities have led to widespread criticism and opposition from various civil rights groups and individuals concerned with promoting tolerance, inclusivity, and multiculturalism.

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