RN’s Commitment to Truth on Anti-Semitism Accusations

The deputy president of the RN group in the National Assembly, Jean-Philippe Tanguy, was the guest of “8h30 franceinfo” this Thursday.

“The National Rally, today, is the political party which fights the most against communitarianism (…) which has always told the truth about the discrimination experienced by our fellow Jewish citizens in France”, assures Thursday October 12 on franceinfo the deputy president of the RN group in the National Assembly, Jean-Philippe Tanguy.

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While an armed conflict has opposed Hamas and Israel since Saturday October 7, the RN is once again accused of anti-Semitism. The president of Crif spoke of an “over-representation” of anti-Semites on the far right.

“I do not understand the statements of the president of Crif,” replies the deputy from the Somme. “There are no parliamentarians or anti-Semitic activists within the National Rally.” “It is only the RN which denounces anti-Semitism,” he assures.

The collaboration with the GUD would be a “high story”

Since the spring, the RN has also been accused of working with the communications agency e-Politic, partly owned by Axel Loustau and Frédéric Chatillon. These two businessmen were respectively an activist and president of Gud (Groupe Union Défense, a far-right student organization known for its violence). After controversies in May, the RN was still working with them last June, as revealed by France Inter, and planned to continue doing so until the 2024 European elections.

“Mr. Chatillon is not a member of the RN, he was a minority shareholder in a company with which we worked,” defends Jean-Philippe Tanguy, who assures that this collaboration is over. “This story has been blown out of proportion,” he protests.

The deputy for Somme denounces “manipulations” and “a political trial” led by Renaissance, Les Républicains and the Socialist Party, to “make us forget the anti-Semitism which is rampant in France”.

These accusations “do not take into account the positions and actions of Marine Le Pen,” argues the RN spokesperson. “Marine Le Pen is the person who excluded Jean-Marie Le Pen for his repeated comments on the occupation and the history of the Shoah.”

This article is originally published on francetvinfo.fr

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