Rome’s Mediterranean Migration Conference

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni invited Mediterranean countries to Rome on Sunday for an “international conference” with the aim of curbing the arrival of migrants on the Old Continent.

Italy’s far-right prime minister is expecting leaders from the region, the European Union and international financial institutions in the capital, her government says.

During the 2022 legislative campaign that brought her to power, Giorgia Meloni had promised to “stop the landings” of migrants in Italy.

His government has since put sticks in the propellers of humanitarian ships, without however drying up departures.

According to Rome, some 80,000 people have crossed the Mediterranean and arrived on the coasts of the peninsula since the beginning of the year, against 33,000 last year over the same period, mostly from the Tunisian coast.

The NGOs, on the other hand, are standing up. Sea-Watch regrets that “the EU and its member states continue to toughen their deadly policies of isolation”.

“The Mediterranean is not just a cemetery, it is a crime scene”, denounces the organization.

Migrants will continue to want to cross the Mediterranean and other solutions must therefore be found, argue European NGOs.

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